September sees more of a transition in our birdlife, a transition that starts in July and continues on to November — with more and more species and individuals of migrant birds seeking their winter home in India. Accordingly, September usually sees an uptick in birding activity in the country (although this is not so apparent this year!). Here is the… read more »

September 2017 eBirders of the month

It has been raining over much of the country in August. Many resident birds are in the late stages of breeding, and fledglings and juveniles are quite common to see: a great time for birding! Here is the break-up of eBirding in India in Aug 2017 (with previous month in brackets). Number of birders: 921 (295) Number of lists (all… read more »

August 2017 eBirders of the month

Cross-posted from If you are an eBirder from India, please ensure that your lists are tagged as part of the eBird India portal, and you will be helping India meet its international biodiversity commitments. How so? Read on to find out! What is the eBird India portal? The eBird India portal was launched on 15 August 2015. The India… read more »

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In this new series, we will feature interesting articles about birds from India and around the world. Do write in if you have a suggestion: Much to learn, appreciate and admire about this article on the Beauty and Biology of Egg Colour. And while we’re on the topic of bird eggs, do take a look at this wonderful visualization… read more »

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With the monsoon bringing a welcome break from the summer heat in some parts of the country, June is a good time to be out and about — for example looking for breeding birds. Here is the break-up of eBirding in India in June 2017 (with previous month in brackets). Number of birders: 870 (995) Number of lists (all types):… read more »

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