The challenge for the month of May is to upload at least 30 no-X, complete of at least 15-minute duration. The checklists of all those who complete the challenge will be pooled together, out of which the one list will be chosen at random out of those that contain a breeding code. The person who uploaded that list will be given a small gift in appreciation.

May 2017 eBirding Challenges

Endemic Bird Day 2017 is scheduled for 13 May 2017 and just as last year, there is a series of short quizzes to be answered in the run up to the main event. Here’s the first quiz: Based on the three clues given below, can you guess which subcontinental endemic is being referred to? (Note: The slideshow requires javascript to… read more »

Endemic Bird Day: Quiz 1

It’s May and with most of the winter migrants back in their breeding grounds, it is the best time to focus on birds resident in the country. As every year, Endemic Bird Day 2017 is all about celebrating and documenting the birds endemic to the Indian subcontinent. The Endemic Bird Day coincides with the Global Bird Day, but in India, this time… read more »

Endemic Bird Day 2017

This announcement is much later than normal. We ordinarily post the results of the previous month’s challenge on the 6th of the following month. This time there was a delay in obtaining the raw eBird data, hence the delay in announcing the results of the March 2017 India eBirders of the Month. Our apologies for this. After much birding in… read more »

March 2017 eBirders of the Month

The Pongal Bird Count (PBC), an initiative of the TamilBirds network, is an annual bird monitoring program. Take a look at the results of the third edition of this event PBC 2017 as well read descriptions of many memorable moments as recounted by several participants. Quick results: 1741 lists 346 species 885.4 hours of birding 178 participants From the participants… read more »

Pongal Bird Count 2017 – Results

The following is a guest post by Ajay Gadikar, a keen birdwatcher from Indore. He has been observing the Indian Grey Hornbill’s breeding behaviour for the last 6 years and has revealed some interesting habits about them. He made a documentary movie “UDAAN” in 2013 which was screened by the Chief Minister of the state. He has also been honoured twice by the Forest Department… read more »

Indian Grey Hornbill nesting earlier in Indore

Ragupathy Kannan is amongst the birders who have uploaded a large number of old (dated before 2014) lists and valuable records to the eBird India database. This section of birder profiles aims to thank those who have taken the efforts to upload their old records. 1. Please tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you live? What do you do? I live… read more »

Birder Profile: Ragupathy Kannan

The challenge in March was to revisit winter locations and see what changes have occurred over a period of 2 months. This month, we’d like to change things a bit and see what species you can record over a period of a month at your favourite patch. As temperatures soar across several parts of the country, you might prefer to… read more »

April 2017 eBirding Challenges

Over 1,400 eBirders submitted lists to the eBird India database during this year’s GBBC. This included several regular and experienced birders, birders who organized events and counts in their regions, state coordinators who were instrumental in ensuring the counts went off smoothly and several participants who experienced birdwatching for the first time ever! View some accounts by the participants themselves on… read more »

GBBC 2017: Stories from the field

To begin with, our apologies for the late announcement, but there has been so much to do during and after the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), that we are a bit behind in several things. eBirding activity in February tends to be particularly high because of the annual GBBC, so before  announcing the results of the monthly challenge, let’s look… read more »

February 2017 eBirders of the month

The monthly eBirding challenge for February 2017 was to upload 20 checklists while using the GBBC as an opportunity to go birding with others. Regardless of whether you met the challenge or not, we hope you had fun birding in February and during the GBBC in particular. March is a particularly exciting month for birding. As a sort of transitional month,… read more »

March 2017 eBirding Challenges