In this new series, we will feature interesting articles about birds from India and around the world. Do write in if you have a suggestion: Much to learn, appreciate and admire about this article on the Beauty and Biology of Egg Colour. And while we’re on the topic of bird eggs, do take a look at this wonderful visualization… read more »

Bird links 22Jul17

With the monsoon bringing a welcome break from the summer heat in some parts of the country, June is a good time to be out and about — for example looking for breeding birds. Here is the break-up of eBirding in India in June 2017 (with previous month in brackets). Number of birders: 870 (995) Number of lists (all types):… read more »

June 2017 eBirders of the Month

The challenge in June was to upload 30 no-X, complete checklists of at least 15-minute duration of which at least three lists must document a brood-parasitic cuckoo (seen or heard). Each year, a lull in birding activity is witnessed in July as the monsoon makes its presence felt across much of the country. But the rains are hardly a reason to cut… read more »

July 2017 eBirding Challenges

For the fourth year in succession, a one day workshop on Bird Monitoring in Kerala was held at Centre for Wildlife Studies, College of Forestry, Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur on 12 June 2017 . About 100 birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts, representing various organisations in Kerala participated in the workshop. Participants from Kerala represented Cochin Natural History Society (CNHS), Malabar Natural… read more »

Kerala Bird Monitoring Workshop June 2017

The summer doldrums have set in, and birders are not venturing out as much as we did in the winter months. There are still good reasons to be out birding, though! Here is the break-up of eBirding in India in May (with previous month in brackets). Number of birders: 995 (1,060) Number of lists (all types): 9,300 (10,200) Number of… read more »

May 2017 eBirders of the Month

Great Cormorants
The popular view of birdwatchers (or ‘twitchers’) is of people who rush madly from one end of the country to another to tick birds off their lists. But behind the headlines are an army of enthusiasts who do quite the reverse – they stay devotedly within a small local area, their Patch, and enthuse and obsess about the birds within… read more »

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