Prasad JN is a keen birder and bird educator. He is also amongst those who have contributed valuable historical data about birds to the eBird database. Always learning and always teaching, he is an inspiration to new and experienced birders alike!  Please tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you live? What do you do? I work from home in Bangalore as… read more »

Birder Profile – Prasad JN

As temperatures cool and migrations spread through the country, birders fan out as well. Here is the break-up of eBirding in India in Nov 2017 (with previous month in brackets). Number of birders: 1,288 (1,162) Number of lists (all types): 12,800 (11,000) Number of observations: 2.42 lakh (2.02 lakh) November challenge The challenge for November was to upload at least… read more »

November 2017 eBirders of the month

Here is the second in our series of occasional bird links (see earlier post here) – we list some interesting articles from India and around the world. Do write in if you have a suggestion: skimmer@birdcount.in Ever been confused by changing bird names, definition of species, splitting and lumping of species, and all the controversies behind it? Take a look at… read more »

Bird links 24Nov17

October is when the winter migration season heats up and more and more birders are out and about. Here is the break-up of eBirding in India in Oct 2017 (with previous month in brackets). Number of birders: 1,162 (957) Number of lists (all types): 11,000 (12,100) Number of observations: 2.02 lakh (1.78 lakh) October challenge The challenge for October was… read more »

October 2017 eBirders of the month

The October eBirding challenge was simple – just bird a lot, aggregating to 15 hours for the entire month. Were you able to achieve the target? The winter migrants have settled across the country now and birders are being treated to the sights and sounds of birds from India and afar. The time is ripe for birding, and the 11th month… read more »

November 2017 eBirding Challenge

September sees more of a transition in our birdlife, a transition that starts in July and continues on to November — with more and more species and individuals of migrant birds seeking their winter home in India. Accordingly, September usually sees an uptick in birding activity in the country (although this is not so apparent this year!). Here is the… read more »

September 2017 eBirders of the month