We are just a week away for the the Endemic Bird Day which is on 4 May 2019. In the run-up to the event, we will be posting few quiz questions about birds that are endemics/ near endemics to our Indian subcontinent. You get 24 hours to answer each quiz before moving to the next one. Do have a look… read more »

Endemic Bird Day 2019: Quiz 1

Somoyita Sur is a road ecologist and an eBirder based in Guwahati, Assam. Her favorite place to watch birds is from her terrace and balcony. Here is more about Somoyita and how she started her journey in bird watching… 1. Please tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do and where do you live? I am a doctoral… read more »

Birder Profile: Somoyita Sur

Birding activity in India usually drops from February (with the GBBC) to March, and this year was no different. Here is the breakup of eBirding in the country in March 2019 (with previous month in brackets): Number of birders: 2,227 (2,916)Number of lists (all types): 24,000 (47,800)Number of observations: 4.33 lakh (6.94 lakh) March challenge The challenge for March was… read more »

March 2019 eBirders of the month

The Great Backyard Bird Count and Campus Bird Count 2019 results are now live and can be viewed here. 1,786 birders in India submitted 22,273 lists, spent a total of 10,764 person-hours birding and recorded 852 species— 65% of the total number of species known to occur in the country! India stood third in the world, in terms of number… read more »

GBBC 2019 Results

There were 1786 participants across the country in this year’s Great Backyard Bird Count and Campus Bird Count. From bird walks to campus talks to bird talks, a lot of planning and enthusiasm went into many of the events.  Several people, young and old were introduced to birds and birdwatching. Here are some of the stories by people across the… read more »

GBBC 2019: Stories from the field

It’s April and that means breeding has started or will start very soon for many species in most parts of India. What better time to focus on recording the calls and songs that are all around us at this time of year! This month, the challenge focusses on both birding effort as well as sound recordings. In this way, let’s… read more »

April 2019 eBirding Challenge

February is a month of major birding activity, partly due to the Great Backyard Bird Count. Here is the breakup of eBirding in the country in February 2019 (with previous month in brackets): Number of birders: 2,916 (2,378) Number of lists (all types): 47,800 (33,600) Number of observations: 6.94 lakh (6.04 lakh) February challenge The challenge for February was to… read more »

February 2019 eBirders of the month

February was very busy for Indian birders, with all the events, festivals and the GBBC. But let’s look ahead to March, and to a new monthly eBirding challenge! Birding is often a social activity, and is a great way to meet others with similar interests, make new friends and share the joy of spending time with the the birds around… read more »

March 2019 eBirding Challenge

GBBC 2019 has come to an end. During this four-day event, observers across India submitted 12083 checklists, recording a total of 773 species. India stood second in the world in terms of checklists, and third in terms of number of species. Please upload any remaining lists by the end of February, so that we can compile a final summary, shortly… read more »

GBBC 2019 Day 4 Results

A new year and lots of new birding! Here is the breakup of eBirding in the country in January 2019 (with previous month in brackets): Number of birders: 2,378 (2,002)Number of lists (all types): 33,600 (20,500)Number of observations: 6.04 lakh (4.07 lakh) January challenge The challenge for January was to survey at least 3 different wetlands and submit the list… read more »

January 2019 eBirders of the month

At the end of day 3 of the the Great Backyard Bird Count, India remains near the top of the global tables with 718 species and 8112 checklists. It’s beginning to look like India will stand second in terms of birding effort this year, unless Canada catches up tomorrow! From India, 1256 participants across 230 districts uploaded 8074 checklists, observing… read more »

GBBC 2019 Day 3 Results

At the end of day 2 of the the Great Backyard Bird Count, India remains near the top of the global tables, with 651 species and 4824 checklists. From India, 925 participants– up by more than 350 since yesterday–  across 190 districts uploaded 4912 checklists, observing a total of 654 species. Below are some state-wise patterns for India: NB: the… read more »

GBBC 2019 Day 2 Results

Here is the situation at the end of Day 1 of the Great Backyard Bird Count. Note that the numbers on the GBBC live submissions site may differ somewhat from those presented here because of the time lag as well as slight differences in methods of calculation. Globally, India is high up in terms of both effort (number of checklists)… read more »

GBBC 2019 Day 1 Results

The wait is finally over, the Merlin Bird ID mobile app will now be able to identify common Indian birds! Merlin, developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, is designed as a ‘birding coach’ for beginning and intermediate birders. As of 9th Feb 2019, the latest version (v1.5.1 ) of Merlin has an introductory pack featuring 165 widespread species found… read more »

Merlin Bird ID comes to India!

We hope you have your binoculars ready, because the Great Backyard Bird Count and the Campus Bird Count are just around the corner! Join this global event from 15th to 18th February to create an annual snapshot of different bird species in India. And through this global event, contribute to an understanding of birds worldwide! It’s simple: go birding for… read more »

Great Backyard Bird Count & Campus Bird Count 2019

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2018 eBird Yearly Challenge. This year the challenges were a little bit harder than in 2017, but nevertheless an impressive number of birders (minus group accounts) managed to meet the various targets! Of all those who qualified by meeting the target in any particular category, one person (in bold) was chosen… read more »

2018 eBird Yearly Challenge Winners!