September produced some excitement among birdwatchers as the season’s first migrant Grey Wagtails and Blue-tailed Bee-eaters were seen from balconies and rooftops. Bird enthusiasts in Tamil Nadu celebrated the arrival of the Common Sandpiper, Greenish Warbler, and Grey Wagtail with posters :). October marks the beginning of the winter in most of India when many of our migrants have already… read more »

October 2020 eBirding Challenge

With the early migrants trickling in, there has been a slight increase in birding activity. Here is the breakup of eBirding in India in the month of August 2020 (with the previous month in brackets): Number of birders: 1,810 (1,745) Number of lists (all types): 17, 293 (16,892) Number of observations: 2.7 lakh (2.6 lakh) August challenge The challenge for… read more »

August 2020 eBirders of the Month

September is a powerful month in terms of bird activity. Be it a non-descript brown-grey warbler or a flock of grey-yellow buntings, migrants are flying into various parts of the country. Whether you are birding from your backyard or rooftop, do keep an eye out for such migrants as many are looking for a place for a pitstop. One great… read more »

September 2020 eBirding Challenge

While fledglings and immature of many species are seen in July, there are still a few species that continue breeding. Here is the breakup of birding in India in the month of July 2020 (with the previous month in brackets): Number of birders: 1,745 (2,014) Number of lists (all types): 16,892 (20,100) Number of observations: 2.6 lakh (3.08 lakh) July… read more »

July 2020 eBirders of the Month

1.आप हमें अपने बारे में कुछ बताये, आप कहॉं रहते है और क्या करते हैं? मेरा नाम मुकेश डुडवे है। मैं वन विभाग में रेंज ऑफिसर हूँ तथा वर्तमान में मेरी पदस्थापना वन परिक्षेत्र अधिकारी मढ़ई/कामती में है। मैं मूल रूप से जिला बड़वानी मध्य प्रदेश का रहने वाला हूँ। वर्तमान में मेरा मुख्यालय सोहागपुर, जिला होशंगाबाद, म. प्र. है।… read more »

Birder Profile: Mukesh Dudhwe

By Tarun Menon and Ashwin Viswanathan  Red-breasted, Taiga and Kashmir Flycatcher are three very similar looking flycatchers belonging to the Ficedula genus. Initially, all three were considered to be sub-species of Red-breasted Flycatcher and molecular data indicates that they form a sister group, i.e. they share a common recent ancestor. These three species can be distinguished from other superficially similar… read more »

Identifying Flycatchers: Red-breasted, Taiga and Kashmir Flycatcher

August is an interesting time of the year for birds and birdwatchers. Migrants are on the move and are so are the birders! This year a long-distance trip to watch specific migrant species may not be possible, but it still gives us immense joy and excitement to spot the ‘first’ of the migrants in our nearby birding sites. Some of… read more »

August 2020 eBirding Challenge

With the monsoon reaching many parts of India in June, many birds are breeding — either building nests and incubating eggs, or busy feeding young and taking care of fledgelings. To mark this, the India eBirding challenge for June included looking for and reporting breeding activity. Here is the breakup of eBirding in the country in June 2020 (with previous… read more »

June 2020 eBirders of the Month

With several states extending travel restrictions, and the monsoons ramping up as well, it will be difficult for birders to travel in July. However, for many of our breeding birds, July is an important time of the year as young birds and fledglings have begun to move about on their own, trying to be independent and making their own decisions. From… read more »

July 2020 eBirding Challenge

Please tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do and where do you live?  My name is Renju. I live in Alappuzha, Kerala, in a place called Ezhupunna and work in a private hospital in Kochi. When and how did you get interested in birding?  Since my childhood, I was interested in nature and wildlife. I seriously started bird… read more »

Birder Profile: Renju TR