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State of India’s Birds

The State of India’s Birds 2020 (SoIB 2020) is a first-of-its-kind collaborative effort that evaluates the overall...

Birds of the World is now free for birders in India!

We are delighted to inform you that Bird Count India (BCI) has partnered with The Cornell Lab of Ornithology to...

Tadoba’s Women Birding Squad

Tadoba's Women Birding Squad Written by Pooja Pawar “Oh, this bird appears so close”; “such bright colours and so...

Animated Migration Maps

Enabled by the observations of 1000s of birdwatchers around the world

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Great Backyard Bird Count 2021- Results

GBBC 2021 was perhaps the most memorable Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) to date in India!

April 2021 eBirding Challenge

With the onset of summer, our resident birds seem to be well underway with their breeding activities– the dawn chorus waxes, and the air is filled with bird...

February 2021 eBirders of the Month

India saw a lot of birding in February, thanks to the Great Backyard Bird Count! Before moving on to the results for the monthly challenges, here is a brief...


Bihu Bird Count 2021 (Rongali Bihu)

14-April-2021 – 17-April-2021

Bird Atlases

A bird atlas is a citizen science project intended to map the distribution and abundance of a region’s birds. In an atlas project, the region of interest is typically divided into cells that are often subdivided into smaller cells, a design that can ensure uniform sampling in space by volunteer birdwatchers.

ID Articles

A series of articles to help with the identification of difficult birds.

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