January 18, 2020

Pune Bird Atlas

NEW: We are happy to resume the birding for Pune Bird Atlas (PBA). Please familiarize yourself with the protocol for PBA.

You can keep track of progress on the project dashboard. We aim to survey the grids in orange colour  (January 2021 onwards). Watch this space for updates.

Pune Bird Atlas (PBA) is a systematic long-term effort to understand urban birds. PBA is replicating standard methods used in Mysuru City Bird Atlas and Kerala Bird Atlas. Several people and institutes are involved in PBA.

Why Pune Bird Atlas?

  • Pune is a historic city on the edges of the Western Ghats (One of the global biodiversity hotspots & UNESCO World Heritage Region), surrounded by hills, birds, and birdwatchers
  • Pune has a rapidly changing land-use, a growing metro city
  • A lot of biodiversity documentation exists about the city, but no long-term research effort
  • If we don’t it today, there is no way we will get the data on what existed/changed/went extinct!  

What is Pune Bird Atlas?

  • First-of-its-kind project to happen in the Maharashtra State to understand the distribution and abundances of birds in the city.
  • The project spans across the city and plans for systematic bird-watching efforts. 
  • This scientific yet public participatory – citizen science project would document changes in distribution and numbers of our birds over a period of time. 
  • Adopting protocols from Kerala Bird Atlas & Mysore Bird Atlas, we have 198 grids of 1.1 km × 1.1 km. 
  • We will document birds using global bird citizen science platform eBird. 

How to Contribute to the Pune Bird Atlas?

  • The exercise will be conducted mainly over weekends.
  • As a volunteer you can spend any weekend you are comfortable with in observing & reporting birds in your neighbourhood.

Interested in Joining the Project?
Please register using the link below & we will get back to you: https://forms.gle/3CXWLubsvPX66LGg7
for further queries, you can write to <[email protected]>
Contact: Pankaj (9422251272) / Siddharth (9405505902) / Pooja (9890946566). 

While birding, please ensure that you adhere to COVID-19 related instructions and precautionary measures by central and local authorities




Header Image: Pale-billed Flowerpecker Dicaeum erythrorhynchos by Swapnil Thatte/ Macaulay Library

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