Big Bird Day

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Big Bird Day 2020 is on 12 January!

Participants in Big Bird Day 2020, please note:

All observations need to be submitted in the form of eBIrd checklists.

Once you have created your checklists, complete the following two steps-

  • Share your lists with the username “Big Bird Day”. This is a group account created to collect all lists in one place, making summarisation easier.
  • Fill in this form – BBD 2020

Please also note the following:

  • There should be a separate checklist for every location; please do not combine multiple locations into a single list.
  • Please upload photos/audio recordings/comments on observations that eBird flags as rare or unusual.
  • Create complete checklists, i.e., lists that report all species that the team could identify
  • Report numbers for all species rather than Xs

Please check the following links out in case you have any doubts –

More about Big Bird Day

Big Bird Day is the annual day long event of Delhibird, held every year since 2004. It’s a wonderful celebration of our avian friends through the dedication of an entire day to birdwatching and recording the number of species sighted in a region. The Big Bird Day was initially started by the DelhiBird group (created by Nikhil Devasar and Bikram Grewal) as an informal event held in February or March. The first Big Bird Day was held on February 22, 2004 when 236 species of birds were recorded across Delhi.

Every year since then, self-organised volunteer birders under the guidance of chosen group leader(s) cover the fields and wetlands in and around Delhi from early morning until late in the day to spot bird species. Over the years, the data collected have revealed the changing trends in habitat condition, bird diversity, migration and related ecological issues. In 2017, total of 378 bird species were recorded on the Big Bird Day from within the country.

In the years since 2004, volunteer birders and members of Delhibird and other groups located outside the capital started their respective Big Bird Day counts. From just a few outstation teams in 2010, there were over 30 teams participating in Big Bird Day counts in 2012, with a few teams pitching in from overseas as well. In 2013, the Big Bird Day went truly national with over 160 teams comprising over 1,000 birders coming together to celebrate the first pan-India Big Bird Day. In 2017, 6 international teams, including Singapore and Dubai, participated in the Big Bird Day.