Regular Birding Events

This page lists a number of open birding events (mostly birdwalks) that recur every week or month in different parts of India.

If you wish to add your event, please send the following details to us at
City/Town. If organized by a group, its name. Frequency (weekly, monthly, occasional). Contact person(s) and contact detail. Any additional information, for example meeting point and time, if this is constant; and a link to the event or the organising group


  • Regular walks are conducted at the Aravali Biodiversity Park (on Facebook).  Contact: Misha <>. Please note that a small fee is charged for guided bird walks. Free walks at Mangar Bani can also be organised.


  • Delhibird. Weekly bird walks on Sundays. Contact: Nikhil Devasar <>
  • East Delhi Birders. Regular walks mostly around Noida, Greater Noida, Dhanuri, etc. Meeting points vary. Contact: Prasanna Gautam <>
  • Mid-week Birders DelhiNCR. Weekday bird walks in Delhi NCR. Meeting location and time varies
    Contact Narender Khaira (aka Newton) at 9810704331. Email:  <>



  • CROW Foundation (on Facebook). Bird walk every Sunday. Meeting location and time varies. Contact: Prateek Mandal (7989118743),  Ameet Mandavia (7000272220). Email: <>


  • Goa Bird Conservation Network (web). Bird walk on the first Sunday of every month. Meeting location and time varies. Contact: Mandar Bhagat (9822168887), Omkar Dharwadkar (9049911877). Email: <>.

Jammu & Kashmir


  • J&K Birdlife (on Facebook). Bird walks on almost all weekends and holidays. Locations vary. Contact Parvez Shagoo (9797290608) <>.



  • Birdwatchers’ Field Club. Weekly bird walk on Sundays. 1st Sunday of the month: Hebbal Lake, 2nd Sunday: Lalbagh, 3rd and 4th Sundays at varied locations. See calendar here. Contact: Ulhas Anand (9845171063) <>.


  • Manipal Birders’ Club (on Facebook). Weekly bird walk on Sundays. Meet at 06:30 hrs in front of Cafe Coffee Day, opposite MIT AB-5 main gate (see on a map). Contact: Rahul Narlanka <>.


  • Aranya Outreach (on Facebook). Monthly bird walks. Meeting location and time varies. Contact: Kiran Bagade (9916340451), Saptha Girish (9900105195).
  • Mysore Nature. (web). Occasional bird walks. Meeting location and time varies. Contact: Shivaprakash A (9480191661).


  • Kollam Birding Battalion (on Facebook). Bird walks are organized in and around Kollam, last Sunday of every month. Contact: Jishnu R (9447150300).

Madhya Pradesh


  • Details coming soon.



  • Mumbai Birdwatchers’ Club (MBC on Facebook). Occasional bird walks. Location and meeting times vary. Contact: MBC <>.


  • Birds of Thane & Raigad District (on Facebook). Monthly bird walks on a Sunday. Location and meeting times vary. Contact: Pratham (9821455643).



  • The Bhubaneswar Bird Walks (on Facebook). Occasional weekend bird walks. Contact: <>.

Tamil Nadu


  • Coimbatore Nature Society. Weekly bird walk on Sundays. Contact: Selvaraj PR (9842261279),  Satish K (9442341404),  Prakash G (9840092602).



  • Hyderabad Birding Pals (on Facebook), weekly bird walk on Sundays. Email:



  • Doon Nature Walks (web, Facebook). Monthly walks. Location and time varies. Contact: Sanjay Sondhi, Titli Trust (9412052189) <>; Raman Kumar, Nature Science Initiative, (9412348345) <>.


Banner photo: Birders in Manipal. Photo by Mohith Shenoy