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The previous article focussed on the 4 regularly occurring white egrets from India. In this follow-up post, the attention will shift to egrets that happen to be dimorphic, i.e., they have a dark morph as well as a white morph. The Reef-Egrets are chiefly coastal, associated with beaches, estuaries, islands, etc. In India, the Pacific Reef-Egret is restricted to the Andaman and… read more »

Dark egrets can be white…

Each year, the Common Cuckoo Cuculus canorus undertakes a marathon journey from its breeding grounds in the trans-Himalayan region and further north in China and passes through the subcontinent enroute its wintering range in Africa. This route has been further elucidated by the Beijing Cuckoo Project, which has been tracking cuckoos satellite-tagged around Beijing earlier this year. This species, usually recorded… read more »

“Common” Cuckoo

Few birds are as confusing to the beginning birder as Pipits and Larks. The first step towards identifying the species within the two families is to be able to tell between a pipit and a lark. Here is a short guide to telling apart these confusing ground-dwelling birds. Morphology Pipits and larks are generally confused with each other because they… read more »

Is that a Pipit or a Lark?