Are you a birder who wants to keep track of your sightings while at the same time contributing your observations to a common pool of knowledge?

Are you a group interested in monitoring the birds at your local wetland or forest patch?

For people interested in birds at any level, it’s possible for you to have fun birding while at the same time pooling your efforts with those of thousands of others so that the combined information is available for research and conservation.

Bird Count India is an informal partnership of organizations and groups working together to increase our collective knowledge about bird distributions and populations.

Our Vision

Bird Count India envisions a world in which key data and thereby knowledge needed to understand and conserve India’s birds are publicly available at the finest possible spatial and temporal scales.

Our Mission

Bird Count India works to achieve this Vision by engaging with citizen scientists (birdwatchers) across the country to generate both informal (casual birding) and formal (systematic surveys and monitoring) data on birds and converting this data into knowledge. This is achieved partly through engaging directly with birdwatchers, but also through partnerships with formal and informal institutions, organizations and groups. Bird Count India thus acts as an umbrella of a large informal consortium of groups that broadly share the same Vision.

Our Values

  • Respect and appreciation of all birdwatchers and other citizen science initiatives.
  • Commitment to equitable representation of all groups within citizen science.
  • Care and compassion towards bird populations and their habitats.
  • Public access to data and open licenses for data products.


We aim to document the distributional range and the abundance of Indian birds, from the finest scale (eg, within a city) to the largest (across the country).

Through collating observations on birds across seasons and years, we hope to enable a better understanding of seasonal patterns of movement and migration of birds, and to monitor changes in distribution and abundance of birds over long periods. Our work underpins important conservation outputs like the State of India’s Birds report.

We try to meet these goals by conducting periodic bird events and activities; by offering support and resources to birding groups conducting their own events; and by putting together useful information on bird monitoring.

If your group is interested in conducting a regional bird atlas, or a bird listing or counting event, please get in touch! Please also write to us if you require any support in the process of collecting and analyzing citizen science bird data, or in the preparation of a scientific manuscript.


Bird Count India gratefully acknowledges support from Duleep Matthai Nature Conservation Trust, Nature Conservation Foundation, and Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies. Past support: National Centre for Biological Sciences and Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Co. Ltd.