Bird monitoring projects

For the fourth year in succession, a one day workshop on Bird Monitoring in Kerala was held at Centre for Wildlife Studies, College of Forestry, Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur on 12 June 2017 . About 100 birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts, representing various organisations in Kerala participated in the workshop. Participants from Kerala represented Cochin Natural History Society (CNHS), Malabar Natural… read more »

Kerala Bird Monitoring Workshop June 2017

Great Cormorants
The popular view of birdwatchers (or ‘twitchers’) is of people who rush madly from one end of the country to another to tick birds off their lists. But behind the headlines are an army of enthusiasts who do quite the reverse – they stay devotedly within a small local area, their Patch, and enthuse and obsess about the birds within… read more »

Patch Birding Reports

The Mysore City Bird Atlas has completed three years of operation and summaries of the results for 2014-2016 are available to view and download! The Atlas is a systematic attempt to document the city’s birds; both across the urban span and across two seasons: winter (February) and summer (June). In addition, the multi-year duration of the Atlas effort shows how… read more »

Three years of the Mysore Bird Atlas

A large number of birdwatchers across India have been using eBird over the last 2-3 years, and have collectively generated a huge amount of information on the birds of our country. The eBird-India Data Challenge invites anyone interested to download the information collected and use it to tackle any interesting question or problem — limited only by your creativity! Even… read more »

Announcing the 2016 eBird-India data challenge!

Birding a Local Patch 14
Following on from the series of articles from Bird Count India about Patch Birding, we are pleased to announce details of the exciting Bird Count India Patch Birding Challenge. Simply register to take part below and write a patch report, based on the ideas discussed in the previous article, that covers the complete winter season: start as soon as possible, and end… read more »

Patch Birding Challenge

Birding a Local Patch 1
This is the fourth part of five in a series of articles from Bird Count India about Patch Birding, following on from Part 3 “How to Record Birds from your Patch”… Now you are patch birding and gathering some great observations, so let’s share your enjoyment with others! There are lots of ways you can let others know about your discoveries,… read more »

Sharing your Patch Birding

Birding a Local Patch 13
This is the third in a series of articles from Bird Count India about Patch Birding, following on from Part 2 “How to Choose a Local Patch”… eBird The most obvious and valuable way your day-to-day sightings from patch birding can be interesting and useful is to add them to eBird. This means they form a permanent record and can be analysed… read more »

How to Record Birds from your Patch

Birding a Local Patch 6
This is the second in a series of articles from Bird Count India about Patch Birding, following on from Part 1 “What is Patch Birding?”… Location Thankfully birds occur in most areas and you don’t have to travel far, or go to anywhere special, to go birding. In fact, the priority for a local patch is that it is somewhere convenient… read more »

How to Choose a Local Patch

Birding a Local Patch 12
Do Black Drongos migrate? Have I seen a Green Bee-eater recently? Is Greenish Warbler only a passage migrant in my area, or a winter visitor as well? Do juvenile Barn Swallows migrate with adults, or separately? Are migrants arriving later this year? Do Asian Koels call all year round? How many different call types do Common Ioras have? What food… read more »

What is Patch Birding?

Bird Count India is proud to be a partner in the upcoming Onam Bird Count, 28-31 August 2015. The Onam Bird Count is part of the twice-yearly series of bird counts conducted across the state of Kerala. Kerala’s Common Bird Monitoring Programme takes place in Feb each year (since 2014) and, roughly 6 months later comes the Onam Bird Count… read more »

Onam Bird Count this weekend

New: This page is deprecated. Visit here for visualizations. Google has stopped supporting webpages in spreadsheets. View Kerala Bird Atlas Dashboard for latest status   The seasonal surveys of the selected two districts for the Kerala Bird Atlas is going strong. Atlasers would like to know where their respective districts stand in terms of coverage. Here is a visualization of… read more »

Kerala Bird Atlas: A Progress Report