GBBC 2017: Stories from the field 4

Over 1,400 eBirders submitted lists to the eBird India database during this year’s GBBC. This included several regular and experienced birders, birders who organized events and counts in their regions, state coordinators who were instrumental in ensuring the counts went off smoothly and several participants who experienced birdwatching for the first time ever!

View some accounts by the participants themselves on the following pages. If you want to submit a write-up highlighting your activities during this year’s GBBC, please do not hesitate to send one in and we’ll add it here!

Title Author
1 Shikshantar School, Haryana Mridul Anand
2 Jammu and Kashmir Parvez Shagoo
3 Kollam, Kerala Govind Girija
4 Raipur, Chhattisgarh Mohit Sahu
5 Indore Ajay Gadikar
6 Andaman and Nicobar Islands Arun Singh
7 Gujarat Savithri Raman
8 Shiv Nadar University, Noida Harman Kour
9 IISER Tirupati NS Chiranjeevi
10 Karwar Abhishek Jamalabad
11 Pune Vishwatej Pawar
12 IIM, Bangalore Deepa Mohan
13 Bareilly Kaajal Dasgupta
14 KMC, Manipal Vrinda Lath
15 Salem Ganeshwar SV
16 GHS, Chinchona Selvaganesh
17 Mumbai and surrounds The Sprouts

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