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Big Bird Day is a wonderful celebration of our avian friends through the dedication of an entire day to birdwatching and recording the number of species sighted in a region. The Big Bird Day was initially started by the DelhiBird group (created by Nikhil Devasar and Bikram Grewal) as an informal event held in February or March. The first Big Bird Day was held on February 22, 2004 when 236 species of birds were recorded across Delhi.

Every year since then, self-organised volunteer birders under the guidance of chosen group leader(s) cover the fields and wetlands in and around Delhi from early morning until late in the day to spot bird species. Over the years, the data collected have revealed the changing trends in habitat condition, bird diversity, migration and related ecological issues. The highest number of bird species recorded in a Big Bird Day was 271 in 2005.

In the years since 2004, volunteer birders and members of Delhibird and other groups located outside the capital started their respective Big Bird Day counts. From just a few outstation teams in 2010, there were over 30 teams participating in Big Bird Day counts in 2012, with a few teams pitching in from overseas as well. In 2013, the Big Bird Day went truly national with over 160 teams comprising over 1,000 birders coming together to celebrate the first pan-India Big Bird Day.

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30 thoughts on “Big Bird Day 2017

    • Soumen Mukherjee

      Dear Sir,

      You are always in the news for good reasons and last year you reported a sigthing of a bird from the Bhatti mine area.

      I would like to Report a sighting from Indirapuram , Ghaziabad of Endangered Egyptian Vulture
      (Neophron percnopterus) , i have taken many pictures and a video as well . How can i do that , I am not a bird expert but yes i browsed many pictures to come across a matching picuture after which i identified it as Egyptian vulture .

      Let me know how to go about it.


      • Bird Count India

        Thanks for your query. You can report this very interesting sighting on Please create an account, and then upload an ‘incidental’ list. A beginner’s guide to eBird is here. You can also embed photos and video to accompany your record on eBird. This is explained here. Please do write if you face any difficulties with this. Happy Birding!

  • Sudhanya Rath

    Dear Sir,

    Regards at the outset. We are fledging birders, yet to fly high. But would love to be a part of The Big Bird Day at Bhubaneswar . Will do the needful. Please guide us.

    Thanking you,
    With warm regards,

    • Big Bird Day

      Dear Sudhanya,
      Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for Big Bird Day 2015. If you’d like to help publicize the event among Bhubaneswar birders, please do send them this web page and help to form teams that will cover different birding areas in the city and surrounding locations. The team leaders (should be an experienced birder) should then register at the link above and familiarize himself/herself with eBird (please refer to the eBird beginner’s guide). If you have any difficulties please let us know.
      Big Bird Day Coordination Team

  • Jayanat Atrey

    This year , i / we will not amke any mistake/s in uploading reports. Also , the participants will be much more as compared to last year. Regards.

  • Big Bird Day

    That’s great! Thanks and we look forward to your participation and your eBird list after the event.

    BBD Coordination Team

  • Kalidass

    I have registered a team to participate in BBD 8th March in Erode district Tamilnadu.. I dearly need an associate/member to go birding on that day.. If any one interested please contact me at 9944490704.. It may very helpful for me if BirdCount India arrange an interested birder to accompany me.. The place I have selected is Lower Bhavani Project Canal which consists of full of vegetation and so many woodland birds…

  • Tushar

    team leader from delhi?? need to know about the place of this event. my contact number is +919560505528..

    • Big Bird Day

      Sorry for the delay. We allowed a few days extra for participants to upload their lists on eBird. The final results will be updated by tomorrow on this site. Thanks for your patience!

  • Pronoy Baidya

    It would be easy if a special page like GBBC was made for BBD on eBird directly. The results become self evident!

  • Sanjiv Khanna

    BBD details have been added to my facebook page, “Aashray-Bird lovers” for this will encourage people in my group to come forward and celebrate this day.
    Sanjiv Khanna

  • Gopalakrishna

    Dear sir,

    We are a part of a team-Hyderabad Birding Pals -Osprey birding from Telangana state who enthusiastically did birding on the Big bird day 2016. Very surprisingly and strangely as the results came out we are wondering why our 2 birding lists as posted below are not included in the total.
    we have uploaded the list url in the google docs within the speculated time and we have repeated the procedure. Please kindly check the list totaling and re-update the status also tell us why we were not included in the final counts. We also request you that birding efforts should not be disregarded due to any software associated submission errors. We have tried our best to uphold the cause of the Big Bird day for its success. Hoping your quickest action.


    • Bird Count India

      Dear Mr Gopalakrishna — thank you for your message. For some reason, your lists were not recorded in the google form. There are existing lists from a couple of teams of Hyderabad Birding Pals: Team Yellow-throated Bulbul and Team Indian Paradise Flycatcher, both entered on 8th February. We have now received the lists you reported yesterday and will add them to the summary. Thank you for noticing, and happy birding!