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Big Bird Day 2016

7 Feb 2016

Big Bird Day > BBD 2016

NEW: BBD 2016 results now available!

Big Bird Day is an annual event (started by the Delhibird group) to celebrate the joy of birdwatching. It is a day dedicated to birdwatching and enumerating species seen in a chosen location. Over the last few years, BBD has gone truly national with over 1000 birders and more than 400 teams coming together from 28 states across the country, to document hundreds of species. This year, we hope to continue this fantastic participation.

Join us: Dawn to Dusk, 07 February 2016

BBD is fun mixed with some potentially serious business. The fun part is birding without any competition. The serious part is that if all teams from all over the subcontinent watch birds at multiple locations on the same day, the data becomes very valuable for measuring actual bird diversity of the region. It can form a rich database, especially if accumulated over several seasons/years.

To participate

  1. Form a team, and decide where you will be birding on BBD (07th Feb 2016)
  2. Register your team by filling out this registration form.
  3. Register yourself on eBird (www.ebird.org) and familiarize yourself with the portal (here is a beginner’s guide to eBird)).
  4. You can also download the smartphone app for eBird (search for “eBird” on the Google Play store or the iTunes app store).
  5. Refer to the rules and instructions at https://birdcount.in/events/big-bird-day/bbd-2016-instructions/.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any queries.

Happy birding!


7 Feb 2016