April 23, 2019

Endemic Bird Day 2019: Quiz 1

We are just a week away for the the Endemic Bird Day which is on 4 May 2019. In the run-up to the event, we will be posting few quiz questions about birds that are endemics/ near endemics to our Indian subcontinent. You get 24 hours to answer each quiz before moving to the next one. Do have a look at the Endemic Bird Day events page!

The clues will be in the form of range maps, bar graphs showing seasonality and line graphs to show approximate frequency of occurrence.  While few questions have textual clues there are some with pictorial and audio clues too!

So here is the information for Bird Quiz 1… Can you guess which subcontinental endemic is being referred to? 

(The range maps and graphs are from eBird India)






  1. The species name means ‘white belly’ in latin
  2. Earlier considered as a same species (a non-endemic with a ‘white-rump’) but now split
  3. Cocks tail like a Robin

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The next question will be published on 28 April 2019 around 1700 hrs.

So set a reminder for tomorrow and be ready for the next Endemic Bird quiz question!

Quiz 1 has ended. You can see the answer, and the next question here.

Banner photo of Malabar Starling (Blyth’s Starling) – Sturnia blythii  © Premchand Raghuvaran/ Macaulay Library from this checklist



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