September 13, 2021

Bird Count India is now on YouTube!!

Whether you’re just getting started as an eBirder or an experienced eBirder looking to help those who are new to eBirding, the Bird Count India YouTube channel is for you! Subscribe now!

Our playlists contain:

Short Videos– From editing to adding media to your eBird checklists and more, we have put together a series of tutorial videos explaining various features of eBird.

eBird Basics–  Useful for those who are new to eBird and want to know how to upload checklists to eBird. The webinar recordings are available in Hindi and English.

Webinars–eBird This playlist has webinar recordings on various topics related to eBird. For example: Using Merlin Bird ID App, adding media, selecting appropriate breeding codes, etc.

eBird Data In this playlist, you will find videos on how to download your eBird data and methods to analyse it.

Birdwatching Diaries– Listen to some of the Indian birders share their exciting birding experiences.

Bird Monitoring A series of webinars and videos that talk about how birdwatchers’ observations help in science and conservation.

To stay up to date with our latest videos and eBird tips, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking this link.

Header Image: Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin Cercotrichas galactotes by Bhaarat Vyas/ Macaulay Library

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