Endemic Bird Day 2017 2

White-cheeked Barbet © S S Cheema (Checklist)

It’s May and with most of the winter migrants back in their breeding grounds, it is the best time to focus on birds resident in the country. As every year, Endemic Bird Day 2017 is all about celebrating and documenting the birds endemic to the Indian subcontinent.

The Endemic Bird Day coincides with the Global Bird Day, but in India, this time of the year is best suited to look for resident and endemic avifauna. Last year, over 200 birders took part in the event, uploading almost 600 lists to eBird, and documenting 449 species (which included over 100 species endemic to South Asia). You can view the list of all the 225 endemics of South Asia (as listed on eBird) here.

Endemic Bird Day: 13 May 2017

A series of posts tagged with “endemic-bird-day-2017” will be posted in the run-up to the event, so keep watching this space!

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  • Jadeswamy madaiah

    Hello sir I have spotted 3 greater thickne bird I haven’t put on check list because no proof with me in bandipura are what to do ?