January 11, 2020

A Birdwatcher’s Pledge for 2020

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  • I will observe birds at any opportunity
  • I will enjoy all the other miracles of nature too
  • I will record my observations and contribute to a better understanding of birds
Be kind
  • I will be kind to birds; their welfare is my highest priority
  • I will be kind to other birdwatchers; they are my companions, not competitors
  • I will be generous with my knowledge and my praise
  • I will help and guide new birdwatchers
Be a champion
  • I will be a champion for the conservation of birds and nature
  • I will donate to conservation efforts
  • I will contribute my observations and photos for conservation
  • I will be an advocate for nature


If you agree with these sentiments, do help circulate by downloading the posters above (in 11 languages) and sharing them. You are welcome to make your own posters or other materials.

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Tashi Tashi
Tashi Tashi
2 years ago

I pledge all mentioned above

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