January 5, 2016

Yearlong eBirding challenges for 2016

Some of you will remember that, in addition to the regular monthly challenges, we also started a yearlong set of challenges for 2015. Please upload your remaining lists from 2015 by 15 Jan 2016 so that we can announce the winners by the end of January.

But in the meantime the yearlong challenges for 2016 have been announced — start right away to avoid missing by a whisker!

All details of the Yearlong Challenges are here.

Northern Shovelor -- Samyak Kaninde

Northern Shoveler, Pune. Photo by Samyak Kaninde.

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Mittal Gala
Mittal Gala
5 years ago

Please email me the details about the yearlong challenge for 2016.



Bird Count India
Bird Count India
5 years ago
Reply to  Mittal Gala

Hello Mittal, the details are in the page linked from this post:

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