December 20, 2016

Bird Monitoring and eBird Workshop in Kaiga

Bird Count India conducted a workshop on bird monitoring and documentation on 18 December 2016 in Kaiga. Kaiga, the site for the Kaiga Atomic Power Station, is a small township located in a rich and biodiverse region of Karnataka. The workshop was organised by the Kaiga Birders and attended by 24 enthusiastic birders from the township, as well as nearby towns of Karwar and Sirsi.

At the Bird Count India workshop in Kaiga

The workshop, delivered by Ramit Singal, began post-breakfast at 10 AM and lasted 4 hours during which birders were introduced to eBird and bird monitoring projects such as the Mysore and Kerala bird atlases. The Q&A session was very productive and the participants asked many questions and cleared several doubts they had about the eBird review process, counting birds, using eBird mobile, etc. While having lunch, birders sighted a pair of White-bellied Sea Eagles flying over the Kali River as well as a friendly Malabar Whistling Thrush that offered fantastic views to everyone.

Kaiga is already known amongst birders for the annual Kaiga Bird Marathon and has a small but strong local birding community. We are thankful to Mohandas Giriyappa and Harish Kulur as well as other Kaiga Birders who ensured that the workshop was a success and look forward to growth in birding, eBird presence and monitoring efforts in the region.

If your organization or an organization in your area is interested in conducting such workshops, please write to us about it!

Header Image: White-bellied Sea-Eagle Haliaeetus leucogaster by Mohit Shenoy/ Macaulay Library

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Mohandas Giriyappa
Mohandas Giriyappa
5 years ago

It was a great learning experience with Mr. Ramit. It was great loss for those Birders who missed the event. Assuring exponential rise in eBird usage in this region.

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