May 2016 eBirding Challenge 2

The challenge in April was to upload 15 no-X, complete and stationary 15 minute checklists from the same locebirding challenge logo 800pxation over 15 different days. This month, we are really excited about eBird’s new media search tool! To add to the growing database of photos and audio on eBird and the Macaulay Library, this month’s challenge involves uploading rich media to your checklists.

The challenge this month is to upload at least 20 no-Xcomplete checklists of at least 15 minutes duration. All those meeting this target will be listed, and from among their lists, one list containing rich media will be drawn at random to choose who receives a small gift in appreciation.

Do look through this guide to uploading media on eBird to understand the process. You can upload either images or audio, but keep in mind the following things:

a. The media uploaded must be from the time and location of the particular birdlist.

b. Embedded media doesn’t get added to the Macaulay Library’s archive so lists with media embedded from third party sites (like Flickr) do not count for this challenge.

c. The media uploaded should be of sufficient quality so that the species in question is identifiable.

Green Avadavat © Esha Munshi (her checklist)

Green Avadavat © Esha Munshi (her checklist)

If you do not have a good camera/audio recording equipment, don’t feel hindered! Even a point and shoot camera can take good record shots and you can get very good results even by taking images with your phone through a scope or binoculars. Phones are also very good devices for recording audio. So do give it a try!

Please upload all your lists by 5 June so that we can announce the results the next day.

Here are the general rules of our monthly challenges. And check out the yearlong challenges as well! You can keep track of fresh lists coming in from India at this page.

Important. if you are new to eBird, please read this description first, and do take a look at the Beginner’s Guide.

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