September 1, 2016

Global Shorebird Count

The World Shorebirds Day is celebrated on the 6th of September each year. The Global Shorebird Counting Program is one of the key events of the World Shorebirds Day, and it takes place between 02-06 September. It is an effort to raise awareness about the importance of regular bird monitoring/counting as the core element for protection of bird populations and habitat conservation.

To know more about this event and to take part, do register on the program page on the official World Shorebirds Day website. The data is submitted on to eBird and their blog also provides some guidelines on how to use eBird for the count. If you are lucky, you may even stand a chance to win a prize!

You can also keep yourself updated about any news or announcements regarding the event by visiting their blog.

Whether on the coast or inland, can you find a Greenshank during this year's Global Shorebird Count? © Ramit Singal

Whether on the coast or inland, can you find a Greenshank during this year’s Global Shorebird Count? © Ramit Singal

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