February 12, 2016

GBBC and CBC 2016


The GBBC is underway! Keep track of progress here
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The Great (global) Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) spans four days of birding fun on 12-15 February 2016. Join hundreds of birders from around the country in watching birds, leading birdwalks and conducting other bird-related activities. Read more here.

Coinciding with the GBBC is the Campus Bird Count, in which educational and other institutions across India will document the birdlife on their campuses. Last year 87 campuses documented over 400 species. Read more here.

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arjun shukla
arjun shukla
5 years ago

How can I contribute photos of bird as I am a bird photographer.

Bird Count India
Bird Count India
5 years ago
Reply to  arjun shukla

Thank you. Please keep an eye out for an announcement for the GBBC-India photo contest in the next two days!


[…] 785 species in total – that’s the impressive headline from 4 days of birding for this year’s GBBC in India. A total of 5,938 hours were spent birding, across 34% of districts nationwide, by experienced […]

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