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In this series, of Birder Profiles, we aim to introduce inspiring and passionate birders to the larger community. Read on to find out more about Mrs Manju Sinha, a regular birder and eBirder.

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do and where do you live?

I’m from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. I’m a housewife and homemaker.

2. When and how did you get interested in birding?

I got interested in birding some 3 years ago when I went with my family to the first Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival at Asan Conservation Reserve. There I saw many migrant and resident birds for the first time. My son showed us beautiful birds like Ruddy Shelduck, Scarlet Minivets, woodpeckers etc through the binoculars. After that I started birding around my house, I was quite surprised to realize that there are so many different birds around our home but we never noticed them till now. Slowly I became more observant and all kinds of birds started showing up around my house. A field guide and binoculars really helped me to identify the birds.

3. Do you have a favourite bird or birds? Why is it/are they your favourite?

I like watching all the birds but Crimson Sunbird is my favourite. It shows up every now and then around our house.

Crimson Sunbird © Alain Sylvain (Checklist)

4. Where do you enjoy birding the most?

I have some trees around my house where lots of birds show up for feeding on nectar, insects or just for perching. Apart from that I often go to some wetlands with my family to observe more birds.

5. Do you have a birding partner or a group you enjoy birding with? How is birding alone different from birding with others?

My husband helps me a lot in birdwatching. He always tries to get pictures of birds that are difficult for us to identify so that they can be  correctly identified later. Birdwatching is fun either alone or in group. In a group there are more chances of spotting a bird.

6. Anything on the birding bucket list?

I wish to go to Sattal in Uttarakhand and other hill areas to watch many hill birds that I haven’t seen yet.

7. Has eBird changed how you bird?

Yes, eBird has had a major impact on developing my birding habits. I have filled many diaries with my daily observations, all so that I can upload my lists on eBird. In past 3 years I have submitted a bird list almost everyday! I try to maintain this and try to upload the lists same day. On eBird I have quick access to all my bird lists from past. I’m also a proud recipient of an ‘eBirder of the Year’ in 2015 prize! That was a big thing for me!

8. Have you set any birding/eBirding goals for the coming months?

I want to continue observing birds around me and my main goal is to try and see more birds and be consistent on eBird. 

9. What is your message for fellow eBirders?

My advice to other eBirders is to submit your lists as regularly as you can and keep at it and never give up.

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