Daily Archives: 30 June 2016

Few birds are as confusing to the beginning birder as Pipits and Larks. The first step towards identifying the species within the two families is to be able to tell between a pipit and a lark. Here is a short guide to telling apart these confusing ground-dwelling birds. Morphology Pipits and larks are generally confused with each other because they… read more »

Is that a Pipit or a Lark?

The challenge in June was to upload 20 no-X, complete checklists of at least 15-minute duration of which at least three lists must document a brood-parasitic cuckoo (seen or heard). July may not be the most exciting month of the year for many birders – but birding in the summer/early monsoon can be made more fun with other birders for company! The challenge… read more »

July 2016 eBirding Challenge