February 16, 2021

Great Backyard Bird Count 2021 -Preliminary Report

Great Backyard Bird Count (12-15 Feb 2021)

Preliminary Results

Congratulations to everyone involved in the very successful Great Backyard Bird Count!

At a global level, India did very well, uploading the second-highest number of species and the third-highest number of checklists of any country.

We thank all the state/district/campus coordinators, and of course the participants, for this remarkable achievement! The collage here shows a sample of the fantastic posters created by coordinators and participants to popularize the event.

Important: Upload all your GBBC checklists by 28th Feb. The final results are out and can be seen here. Many checklists got uploaded later so the final numbers may vary from what’s shown here.

Highlights of GBBC 2021 in India

  • 942 species observed
  • 35 participating states and union territories
  • 18,300 complete checklists

While participation was highest in Kerala and Tamil Nadu as always, some states have made remarkable strides when compared to 2020. Birders from Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh have uploaded 1148 checklists in 2021, nearly a 1000% increase from 128 in 2020! An amazing feat of coordination. Madhya Pradesh has also seen a remarkable increase in participation from 219 to 708 checklists. Participation doubled in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and West Bengal. A special shout out to birders in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Sikkim who have participated enthusiastically in this year’s GBBC. Hope to see more next year!

These highlights and screenshots are  of 12:30 IST, Tuesday, 16th February 2021.

Important: Upload all your GBBC checklists by 28th Feb. The final results will be published in March 2021. Many checklists are yet to be uploaded so final numbers may be much higher!

Header Image: Birdwatching at Viva Wetlands, Maharashtra. Photograph by Ramesh Shenai

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Lobzang Visuddha
1 year ago

This year Ladakh had a diversified birders and bording record. More than 60 members of Wildlife Conservation and Birds Club of Ladakh (WCBCL) / LADAKH BIRDS CLUB actively participated in the event and uploaded their records, either directly or via Club account.

Sonam Yangjor
Sonam Yangjor
1 year ago

Bird watching is significantly increasing in such a remote place like ladakh. Happy to see youths taking this hobby to next level and WBCBL is doing the job perfectly.

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