March 31, 2014

April 2014 eBirding Challenge

challenge-logoWelcome to the first instalment of our monthly series of eBirding Challenges! More information on these challenges, and why you should take part, is here. In brief, the purpose is to encourage all of us to keep a regular record of the birds we see so that, over time, we can help document the status and changes in our birds. Not to mention that it’s fun!

The challenge for April is this: upload at least 20 complete lists from the month (please upload your lists by 5 May). Multiple lists on a single day also count (eg, two 30-min lists on 2 April are counted as two lists towards the challenge). But not all kinds of lists count! See here for a description of which lists count towards the 20-list target. When uploading your lists, please assure yourself that all the information is accurate; knowingly adding incorrect information defeats the entire purpose of the challenge!

All birders who reach the goal for April will be named and recognized on this website. And one of these names will be chosen at random to receive a small birding-related gift in appreciation. Good luck!

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