August 8, 2015

Kerala Bird Atlas: A Progress Report

New: This page is deprecated. Visit here for visualizations. Google has stopped supporting webpages in spreadsheets.

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The seasonal surveys of the selected two districts for the Kerala Bird Atlas is going strong. Atlasers would like to know where their respective districts stand in terms of coverage. Here is a visualization of the coverage of sub-cells in the districts of Thrissur and Alappuzha. This map is completely dynamic – as soon as the atlasers notifies the completion of their respective ebird lists, you will see the change in these maps. You can also click on the sub-cells and see the links to the eBird lists.


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[add_map zoom=”10″ map_container_id=”map-canvas-1″ sheets=”1,2,3″]1PbmjSAo_PLTyYTLzuWBmTx60IukjxjHLQRRe8usxxcA[/add_map]
[add_map zoom=”10″ map_container_id=”map-canvas-2″ sheets=”1,2,4″]1QSOQ5E8u1ObPXVf1sWJonIEmgvHWnJbvmHu5khrxs5s[/add_map]

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