Birding a Local Patch

Patch Birding Challenge 14

Registrations received so far are shown in the table below – it’s not too late, so join in by registering your patch!

Note that if multiple hotspots are registered for a patch, the link to eBird in the table just displays one of these. If you get an eBird “Oops” error when following a patch link it means the location is not yet a hotspot, but a personal location and hence cannot be viewed – just ignore this!

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14 thoughts on “Patch Birding Challenge

  • Lakshmikant Rajaram Neve

    I already used Patch Tool of eBird.& satisfactorily maintained it.Last time you said Patch Tool have no access for eBird.Is information of this tool is not sufficient /elgible for the contests.

  • Wes Rajaleelan

    Dear Suhel
    How does one find the e-bird ID for a specific location ?
    My usual location says 11.502×76.499 !
    Please help !

    • Bird Count India

      Hi Wesley — if you go to Manage My Locations, find your location, and click on Edit, the location ID is part of the URL.

      By the way, once you’ve clicked on Edit, please rename the location to something human-understandable — thanks much!

  • Lakshmikant Rajaram Neve

    I will made the Report for Whole PATCH … BHUSAWAL THERMAL POWER STATION. I distributed this Patch into nos of small patch for Specific observations & each small patch having different eBird ID, per My locations option.I want to consider the Whole Patch while preparing report…Now How I locate eBird Location ID for my Whole Patch insted of small patches.Can I ref any one location ID for Whole main Patch.

    • Bird Count India

      Certainly Sir, the idea to ask for eBird location ID was just to get an idea of which kinds of areas are being patch-monitored. When you have multiple locations being part of your patch, you could give any one location ID, or all location IDs. For the summary report of course you would want to include information from all locations within your patch.

    • Bird Count India

      Hi Sheethal, if your location is already a hostpot, you will be able to find it using the hotspot explorer. The location ID is part of the URL for that hotspot.

      If it is not a hotspot, you can go to Manage My Locations, find your location, and click on Edit, the location ID is part of the URL.

      Could you let us know if this works for you?

    • Bird Count India

      Sir, in eBird nomenclature this is called Common Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus). Are you using the web interface (ie not phone)? If so, please first search for the species as usual. If you can’t find it, please click on “show rarities” and search again. If it is still not visible, you can go to “Add species” to add it from the global list of species.