September 30, 2018

October 2018 eBirding Challenge

The challenge in September was to bird for over 12 hours across at least 20 checklists over the course of the month. We hope you had fun being out and about so much and noticed the changes that the transition of seasons brings amongst our birdlife.

Every year, India observes the National Wildlife Week from 02 October to 08 October. Additionally, the 6th of October this year will be marked as the October Big Day. And what better way to celebrate these occasions than by birding as much as possible? And as the migrations seasons continues into this month, a lot of birding may bring about some special sightings.

The challenge this October is to bird for at least 5 hours during the Wildlife Week (02 – 08 October) and for a cumulative of at least 12 hours over the course of the month.

To be eligible, each checklist must be of at least 15 minute duration, and should be effort-based (i.e. stationary or travelling).

Please upload your lists by 5 November 2018 so we can announce the results the next day. 

Do not forget to take a look at the yearlong challenges as well. And you can keep track of fresh lists coming in from India on this page.

Cover image: Common Snipe by Sneha Gupta/Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab. The Common Snipe is a secretive migratory wader which becomes a regular sight in shallow, well-vegetated wetlands across north and south India in October.

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