October 31, 2018

November 2018 eBirding challenge

The October eBirding Challenge asked birders to mark the Wildlife Week celebrations and the first ever Wild Bird Day with additional birding. Were you able to achieve the target? Across the country, the winter migrants have settled and birders are being treated to the sights and sounds of birds from India and afar. The time is ripe for birding, and the 11th month of the year brings with it a different eBirding challenge.

The eBirding Challenge for the month of November is to upload at least 11 lists between 01-15 November, and at least another 11 lists from 16-30 November. However, that is not all – to complete the challenge, at least 11 of the lists uploaded this month must come from a single location. Let’s spread our birding out across the month; but while exploring far and wide, let’s also not forget to regularly bird our favourite ‘patch‘.

As always, each eligible checklist must be of at least 15 minutes duration and should be effort-based (i.e. Stationary or Travelling).

Please upload your lists by 5 December 2018 so we can announce the results the next day. 

Do not forget to take a look at the yearlong challenges as well. And you can keep track of fresh lists coming in from India on this page.

Cover image: Common Cuckoo by Anonymous eBirder/Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab from this checklist. The Common Cuckoo breeds in India in the Himalayas and in Central India, and is joined by birds from China in their passage (largely in October and November) through peninsular India on their way to their wintering areas in Africa.

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Sajeev Krishnan
Sajeev Krishnan
2 years ago

Next month’s challenge could ask for at least one media item (picture or sound recording) per week in check lists submitted. Another idea is that all birders must review at least 100 media items published at Macalays Library during the month.

2 years ago

Good idea about the media, thanks. We have done something similar in recent months. Will consider the suggestion about review, thanks again.

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