October 30, 2020

November 2020 eBirding Challenge


The enthusiasm of Wild Bird Day/ October Big Day continues this month, as we take part in two uniquely Indian birding events in November- Salim Ali Bird Count and Maharashtra Pakshi Saptah 

This month’s eBird challenge is designed to highlight these two events. The challenge is to submit 1 checklist every day in November. In addition to this, between 5- 12 November, submit at least 2 lists a day. Each list you submit should be of at least 15 minutes duration complete lists and with no ‘X’. 

Below is a breakup of how 38 lists in November can be submitted:

At least 1 list a day for 1- 4 Nov
At least 2 lists a day for 5 – 12 Nov
At least 1 list a day for 13 – 30 Nov

Watch birds from anywhere in India: from parks, fields, campuses, backyards and rooftops, forests, and lakes. Any of the days between 5 – 12 Nov, you could also visit the nearest Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA)  or any waterbody and undertake a careful count of birds for a long period of time (over an hour) to make it more meaningful.

General instructions:

Upload your observations to eBird.org/india.

The eBird mobile app is one of the easiest ways to upload your sightings. Here are a few video links that can guide you on how to use the App

Installing and preparing eBird Mobile App

Submit your sightings through eBird Mobile


Please submit all your lists before the 10th of December. 

While birding, please ensure that you adhere to COVID-19 related instructions by central and local authorities 

For those new to eBird, read the brief description, and go through our detailed beginner’s guide; create an account and start using eBird right away to get used to the platform.

If you have any queries, please email us at [email protected]

Header: Blue-throated Flycatcher by Rajesh Mangal/ Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab, from this list.

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