October 30, 2020

Pakshi Saptah 2020

Pakshi Saptah (Bird Week), 5 – 12 Nov

In 2017, the Maharashtra Pakshi Mitra – one of the largest birding communities in India, proposed a week-long birding event– Pakshi Saptah to commemorate the birth anniversaries of Shri. Maruti Chitampalli (5 Nov 1932–) and Dr. Sálim Ali (12 November 1896–20 June 1987). The idea of this event was to bring birdwatchers, nature enthusiasts from all walks of life together to celebrate the joy of birds. Thanks to the efforts put by Maharashtra Pakshi Mitra, from this year onwards, the government of Maharashtra has officially declared Pakshi Saptah as a state event to be celebrated every year. 

This month’s eBird India challenge is to highlight these two events- the Sálim Ali Bird Count and the Pakshi Saptah.

About Shri. Maruti Chitampalli

Maruti Chitampalli was born on 5 November 1932 and iconservationist, naturalist, and wonderful nature writer. He has written twenty-four books on nature and wildlife in Marathi. He was a former forest officer from Maharashtra and stands tall in the history of the ornithology of Maharashtra. His books on birds, written in Marathi,  have had a profound influence on the bird watching community in Maharashtra. His book Pakshikosh– a detailed bird dictionary is the first Marathi reference guide with illustrations and detailed notes on behaviour of species.  With his immense literary contribution to Marathi literature, he was the president of Akhil Bhartiya Sahitya Sammelan in 2006. Also, he was awarded the Vinda Karandikar Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award by the government of Maharashtra in 2017. Many of his writing is also a part of school textbooks and continues to inspire the minds of young and old!

Maruti Chitampalli
Photo by Dilip Virkhade

Events planned in 2020 for Pakshi Saptah

Here are a set of events and webinars planned by birders and birding groups in various districts of Maharashtra. To list your event/s please email Ms. Pooja Pawar at [email protected] and [email protected]


अहमदनगर बर्डिंग पॅल्स आठ दिवसांसाठी मजेदार ऑनलाइन क्रियाकलाप आयोजित करीत आहेत.

1. आठ दिवसांसाठी आठ word clue क्रमशः दिले जातील
2. हे Word clue पक्ष्यांबद्दलचे शब्दं आहेत
3. या word clue पासून तुम्हाला त्याला अनुसरून तुमची कल्पना वापरून पक्ष्यांशी निगडित चित्र/लिखाण/कविता/दुसरी कोणतीही कला (Art form) सादर करायची आहे
4. सगळ्याच आठ दिवशी तुमचा सहभाग बंधनकारक नाही, तरीही तुम्हाला सगळ्या दिवशी सहभागी होता आले तर उत्तमच
5. ही कला (Art form) तुम्ही आधीच बनवून ठेवू शकतात, त्या दिवशी त्याचा फोटो काढुन या व्हॉट्सअॅप ग्रुपवर आपले पूर्ण नाव, ईमेल पत्ता आणि स्थान
यासह पाठवू शकता (https://chat.whatsapp.com/FZZrcGn82yS0oWd49Vdcoi)
6. सगळ्यात नाविन्यपूर्ण आणि आकर्षक कलेला विजेता घोषित केले जाईल
Ahmednagar Birding Pals is organizing a fun-based online activity for eight days.
  1. For each day from 5th– 12th Nov, there are eight different word clues given (see poster below).
  2. These word clues are related to a bird’s anatomy and ecology.
  3. Keeping the word clue in mind and using your imagination create an art-form of your choice. It can be a rangoli, painting, sketch, or illustration. It can also be craft activities like origami, paper quilling. Writings in the form of poetry, essay, or a story can also be submitted.
  4. It will be great if you can participate for all 8 days however, it is not mandatory
  5. You can create your artwork beforehand and send us a photo of it on the day of that word clue on this WhatsApp group along with your name, email address, and location.
  6. The most innovative and attractive artwork will be declared the winner


5 Nov- Birdwatching at Sindhi Colony (from Nirwan Road to Protection Wall), Bhandara.
6 Nov- Birdwatching at Gadhkumbli Lake, Sakoli
7 Nov- Birdwatching near RBC, Indira Sagar Dam, Pauni
11 Nov- Birdwatching at Chandpur Lake, Chandpur, Tumsar
12 Nov- Birdwatching  at Bawanthadi Dam, Lendezari

All of the above walks will be from 7 am to 9 am. For more details please contact Shahid Khan at [email protected]; Phone: 94234 14773



5 Nov- Bird Watching at Sundargadhi backside at 7 am
5 Nov-. Inauguration of an NGO – Satpuda Nature Conservation Society, Chopda, Jalgaon by Shri Bhalchandraji Kuwar (RFO Vaijapur Forest Range, Satpuda, Taluk Chopda at 4 pm. This session will begin with a brief session on the objectives, goals, and works of the NGO followed by a discussion on Dr. Salim Ali and Shri Maruti Chitampalli. Venue – Sahyog Colony, Chopda.
6 Nov-. Birdwatching and Nature Trail at forest side of Khamkheda Village and water reservoir in Satpuda range Madhya Pradesh Border at 7 am
7 Nov- Bird Watching at Mamalde Road at 7 am
8 Nov- Bird Watching and data preparation of field visits under the guidance of bird expert- Shri Anilji Mahajan. (CNCS Varangaon) at 8.30 am Venue – Hatnur Dam, Bhusawal.
9 Nov- Bird Watching at Nagalwadi Road at 7 am
10 Nov- Bird Watching at Shirpur roadside at 7 am
10 Nov- Online webinar at 6 pm on Bird Watching and Introduction to Common Birds for school students of Badlapur.
11 Nov- Bird Watching at the backside of Mahatma Gandhiji Public Garden near Canal at 7 am
11 Nov- Quiz Competition on “Birds in Our Surroundings” for Sahyog Colony Children.
12 Nov- Bird Watching at Varaad village road at 7 am
12 Nov- Awareness program eco- friendly Deepawali without firecrackers

For more details, please contact – Mr. Hemraj P Patil at [email protected], Phone: 9922085434, 9373804737 or Ashwini at [email protected]; phone: 95293 79571. Chopda Dist., Jalgaon. 

There are also a few webinars scheduled on 5th and 6th November in Jalgaon. Please see the poster below. For more details, please contact Mr. Lakshmikant Neve at [email protected]


8 Nov- Birdwatching trail at Ambazari Biodiversity Park, Wadi Road, Nagpur from 7 am- 9 am.
9 Nov-Birdwatching trail at Gorewada Biodiversity Park, Nagpur from 7 am- 9 am.
For more details please contact: Tejas Parshionikar at [email protected]; Phone: 95526 29853


  1. ५/११/२०,गुरुवार पक्षीसप्ताह कार्यक्रमाचे उद्घघाटन
    सकाळी-७ ते ९ पक्षीनिरीक्षण
    ठिकाण-चोरमले दरा,किरकसाल
    सहभाग वनविभाग व गावातील पक्षीप्रेमी.
    ९:३० वाचता “आदर्शगाव किरकसालचे पक्षीवैविध्य..” स्लाईड शो
    वक्ते -चिन्मय प्रकाश सावंत (महाराष्ट्र पक्षीमित्र सभासद)
    १०:३० वाजता माण तालुक्याची पक्षीगणना..? संवर्धन आणि संरक्षण या विषयावर चर्चासत्र
  2. ६/११/२०,शुक्रवार
    सकाळी ७ ते ९ पक्षीनिरीक्षण
    ठिकाण- वाघजाई तलाव (कुरण वनक्षेत्र, किरकसाल जैवविविधता प्रदेश) सहभाग शालेय विद्यार्था महाराष्ट्रातील पक्षी या घडीपत्रकाचे विद्यार्थाना वाटप.
  3. ७/११/२०, शनिवार
    सकाळी- ७ ते १० पाणपक्ष्यांचे निरीक्षण ठिकाण- येरळवाडी धरण, ता. खटाव, जि. सातारा
  4. ८/११/२०, रविवार
    सकाळी ९:३० वाजता किरकसालातील शालेय विद्यार्थ्यासाठी चित्रकला स्पर्धा ततपूर्वी जांभळहेळ येथे पक्षीनिरीक्षण. किरकसाल गावातील विविध अधिवासातील पक्ष्यांचे पोस्टर द्वारे माहीती.
    मार्गदर्शन- विशाल काटकर, चिन्मय सावंत
    स्थळ- मारुती मंदिर, किरकसाल
  5. ९/११/२०,सोमवार
    सकाळी- ७ ते ९ पक्षीनिरीक्षण
    ठिकाण- पिंगळी तलाव, ता. माण, जि. सातारा
  6. १०/११/२०,मंगळवार
    सकाळी ९:००ते १२:००
    वनरक्षक व वनकर्मचारी यांच्यासाठी पक्षीनिरीक्षण व ई-बर्ड विषयक कार्यशाळा
    सहभाग दहिवडी वनपरिक्षेत्रातील वनअधिकारी व वनरक्षक
    स्थळ- मारुती मंदिर, आदर्शगांव किरकसाल.
  7. ११/११/२०, बुधवार
    सकाळी- ७ ते १० पक्षीनिरीक्षण व वनभ्रमंती
    ठिकाण- नळीचा माळ परिसर , किरकसाल जैवविविधता प्रदेश
  8. १२/११/२०, गुरुवार
    पक्षीसप्ताह समारोप
    ठिकाण- मायणी पक्षी अभयअरण्य ता. खटाव, जि. सातारा पक्षीनिरीक्षण व ‘ई-बर्ड’ नोंदणी सहभाग वनविभाग व किरकसाल जैवविविधता समितीतील टीम.
    आयोजक : दहिवडी वनविभाग व जैवविविधता संरक्षण व संवर्धन व्यवस्थापन समिती, आदर्शगांव किरकसाल

For more details, please contact Chinmay Sawant at [email protected], phone: 97020 01437

Note: कोविड -१९ चा प्रादुर्भाव असल्यामुळे सोशल डिस्टान्सिंग व मास्क चा वापर बंधनकारक असेल तसेच किरकसाल जैवविविधता टीम , वनविभाग व गावातील निसर्गप्रेमी या उपक्रमात सहभागी होऊ शकतात.


बहार नेचर फाऊंडेशन आयोजित पक्षीसप्ताहानिमित्त फेसबुक लाइव्ह मालिका, 5 ते 12 नोव्हेंबर, वेळ: सायं.7 ते 8. या व्याख्यानांचा आपण लाभ घ्यावा ही विनंती.
व्याख्यानांचा लाभ घेण्याकरिता बहार नेचर फाउंडेशनच्या फेसबूक पेजवर जावे.


5 Nov- दर्शन दुधाने (Wardha)- सभोवतालचे पक्षी आणि त्यांची ओळख
6 Nov- डॉ.मधुमिता पाणिग्रही (BNHS)- Bird Miragation Studies Through Tagging and Resightings
7 Nov- डॉ.अनिल पिंपळापुरे (Nagpur)- आम्ही पक्षिमित्र
8 Nov- साहिला कुडाळकर (WCS-India)- Community Based Conservation of Amur Falcons in Nagaland
9 Nov- डॉ.जयंत वडतकर (Amravati)- घुबडांविषयी
10 Nov- डॉ.राजू कसंबे (BNHS)- कलाकार सुगरणीच्या बहुपत्नीत्वाची गोष्ट
11 Nov- राजदीप राठोड (Wardha)- छायाचित्रणावर प्रकाशझोत
12 Nov- वैभव देशमुख (Wardha)- पक्षीनिरीक्षणातून संवर्धनाकडे

Header Image: Caspian Plover by Prateek Kulkarni/ Macaulay Library from this checklist

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Radhika Vaishnav
Radhika Vaishnav
1 year ago

I am thankful of all organizer team for your efforts in saving bird and giving knowledge and encouraging people. Can I get the details of this year’s 2021 bird week live fb webinar. I want to attend. I also want to join a community of Pakshimitra. Interested to participate in different competitions about birds. I love birds but I can’t get birds information easily. Please notify me about events.

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