April 27, 2021

May 2021 eBirding Challenge

ebirding-challenge-logo-800px-281x300May may not be a great month for birding in India but it is the peak breeding season for most birds across the country. This month’s challenge involves watching our resident birds closely and see if any of them show signs of breeding. You might see some birds nesting or tending to chicks, or an adult bird being followed around by a recently fledged individual of the same species. If you see any (or more) of these behaviours – select the relevant breeding and behaviour codes.

The challenge this month is to upload at least 31 eligible* checklists of at least 15 minutes duration and any five lists among the 3l should have at least one breeding code. To do this in the eBird App, tap the species name, tap on ‘Add breeding code‘, and select the appropriate purple circle that is closest to your observation (see the example below). (Please note, Flyover is not a breeding code).

While birding, please ensure that you adhere to COVID-19 related instructions by central and local authorities.

Please upload all your lists by 10 June 2021 so that we can announce the results soon after that. 

* Eligible checklists are those that report all species seen/heard (and are therefore marked ‘complete’), report numbers for all species rather than Xs, and are of at least 15 minutes or longer in duration.

Here are the general rules of our monthly challenges. And check out the yearlong challenges for 2021 as well! You can keep track of fresh lists coming in from India on this page.

A list of challenges at the global level can be seen here. The global eBirding challenge of the month will be posted soon.

For those new to eBird, read the brief description, and go through our detailed beginner’s guide; create an account and start using eBird right away to get used to the platform.

Header Image: Coral-billed Scimitar-Babbler Pomatorhinus ferruginosus by Dibyendu Ash/ Macaulay Library

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