March 1, 2015

March 2015 eBirding Challenge: 25 days of birding

challenge-logo-2015February saw a huge leap in activity on eBird because of the Great Backyard Bird Count (13-16 Feb). The Challenge for February was directly about this event, and was to contribute at least 2o complete lists during the four days of the GBBC.

In complete contrast to the GBBC’s intense birding over a short duration, the challenge for March is to spread out your birding across the month. Many of us look for birds only during weekends, when we go someplace special, like a local lake or forest. But we would like to encourage the idea of birding being an ‘always on‘ activity. That is, you can look for (and note down) birds at all times and places. Why not do a birdlist from your balcony, or at your office, school or college? While waiting for the bus or train? Just anywhere?

The reason we suggest this is primarily that it’s fun! Having your eyes and (importantly) your ears always alert for the sight or sound of a bird makes life that much more enjoyable. And more challenging — for example, can you tell your species of bulbuls, sunbirds, and crows apart just by sound? Apart from the personal enjoyment, if lists are contributed from all manner of places and times, this enables comparisons that otherwise might not be possible. What is the birdlife of urban residential areas? What species can make a living in urban parks, but disappear where there is no green cover?

For these reasons, the eBirding Challenge for March is to distribute your birding over the month. The challenge is to upload at least one list for each of at least 25 days in March. In other words, list birds on nearly every day of the month! As in earlier monthly challenges, each list should be an effort-based, complete list, of at least 15 min durationicon_tooltip.

Please upload all your lists by 5 April so that we can announce the results on 6 April. All birders who reach the target will be named and recognized on this website. One of these names will be chosen at random to receive a small birding-related gift in appreciation.

Here are the general rules of our monthly challenges. You can keep track of fresh lists coming in from India at this page.

Important. if you are new to eBird, please read this description first, and do take a look at the Beginner’s Guide.

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6 years ago

I’m a participant in GBBC’s 14 and 15 but, I’m new to e-bird! I have one doubt, how often I should upload in e-bird? Pls tell me the procedures regarding entrying the data.

Bird Count India
Bird Count India
6 years ago
Reply to  Prasath

Hello Sir, thanks for your message. You can upload a list to eBird as often as you like. Some people use it only occasionally, others upload 2-3 lists each day. It’s entirely up to you; the main thing is to enjoy your birding! Thanks again.

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