July 2016 eBirding Challenge 7

The challenge in June was to upload 20 no-X, complete checklists of at least 15-minute duration of which at least three lists must document a brood-parasitic cuckoo (seen or heard).


July may not be the most exciting month of the year for many birders – but birding in the summer/early monsoon can be made more fun with other birders for company! The challenge this month is to upload at least 5 complete checklists of at least 15 minutes duration, from at least five different days. Crucially, each of these lists must be ‘shared’ between three or more birders.

Check out this page to learn more about sharing lists.

When you go birding with your friends, and then upload the lists of species seen, you can ‘share’ the list with those who were on the trip, and then the list of species gets copied into each person’s account (so there is no need for each person to upload their list separately). Once shared, each person can tailor the lists specifically to what s/he saw – deleting missed species, and adding species that the others may not have recorded. In this way, everyone on the trip can keep a faithful record of what they saw.

This list is an excellent example of a shared checklist. Note how you can click on the ‘List’ button to see each individual person’s list. Note also that if you just want to show others your list, you shouldn’t ‘share’ with them; rather, you can simply send them the URL to your list (eg: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S30191358).

In a nutshell:

  1. Go birding with at least 2 other people for at least 15 minutes and make a list of all birds that you saw or heard.
  2. Have one person in the group upload the list of birds seen to eBird
  3. Ask that person to ‘share’ the list with all others who were in the group (each person will get an email; if they don’t already have an eBird account, they will be invited to create one)
  4. All others must accept the shared list into their account
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 on at least 5 different days in July
Birders at Hoskote Lake

Birders at Hoskote Lake, Karnataka © Ravi Viswanathan

Finally, do consider inviting your family and friends for a few birding parties: anyone is welcome to set up an eBird account. Such a social event is also good way to get children interested in birds.

Please upload all your lists by 5 August so that we can announce the results the next day.

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7 thoughts on “July 2016 eBirding Challenge

  • Dr. Ramappa Lokesha

    not a serious birding in june. just routine. copper smith is nesting. brain fever bird is in full singing.

  • Lakshmikant Neve

    In your Home page..The eBirder of the month will be drawn from eBirders who submit 31 or more complete no-X checklists in July. & Above is something different.???

    • Bird Count India

      Sir, we organize the India-specific challenge and what you are referring to is the global challenge. These are separate events, and you can take part in both! In brief, ebird.org carries the global eBirding challenge, and birdcount.in carries the India eBirding challenge. Hope this clarifies.

        • Lakshmikant Rajaram Neve

          By submitting checklists through eBird appliction …is it eligible for both India specific & Global challanges.Means How to participate in Global challanges.? Is it sufficient to logged into our regular eBird application.

          • Bird Count India

            Yes, Sir — all you need to do is upload your lists to your eBird account. Nothing else needs to be done. This is true for both India and Global challenges.

  • Vidhya Sundar

    July challenge is interesting. Made my husband also participate in our birding. Vacation turned out to be more of a birding trip