February 29, 2020

January 2020 eBirders of the month


We begin the year with a bang! The combination of the new year and the Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) meant a jump in eBirding in India. Here is the breakup of eBirding in the country in January 2020 (with previous month in brackets):

Number of birders: 2,776 (2,220)
Number of lists (all types): 30,000 (20,300)
Number of observations: 6.04 lakh (3.89 lakh)

January challenge

The challenge for January was to contribute to the national effort towards the AWC by birding at at least five wetlands and sharing the lists with the AWC India account (details in the link above). A total of 19 birders met the target. These are (excluding group accounts and those with no identifiable name):

Archana Prasad, BRG Prasad, Janardhan Uppada, Jaydev Mandal, Kishore R, Lakshmi Krishnamurthy, Lakshmikant Neve, Loukika Neve, Mittal Gala, Regin Ross, Sheena S, Sreekumar Chirukandoth, Srinivas S, Sriram Reddy, Steffin Babu, Subhadra Devi, Vidhya Swaminathan, Vijaya Lakshmi, Vinay K L

Many congratulations to all of them!

From these 19 names, one was drawn using a computer-generated random number. This person is

Lakshmikant Neve (see eBird profile)

who receives a copy of How to be a (Bad) Birdwatcher, by Simon Barnes, as a small gift in appreciation.

Have you been birding towards the target for February (birding during and outside the GBBC)? And there are a fresh set of  yearlong challenges for 2020!

Banner image: Himalayan Bluetail (Orange-flanked Bush-Robin) by Vinit Bajpai/Macaulay Library from this checklist.

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Lakshmikant Rajaram Neve
Lakshmikant Rajaram Neve
1 year ago

Thanks Birdcount India.

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