Monitoring birds

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At some point, many birders and birding groups become interested in tracking changes in the bird population around them. We may do this as part of a larger project, like the Asian Waterbird Census. But the AWC, for example, happens only once a year and it’s often interesting to look at changes within the year too.

Monitoring projects can vary from the very detailed (eg single site, once a week or once a month), to more broad (eg multiple sites, once a year). For all such projects one must decide what locations are of interest (eg, a single park or a network of parks), which species (eg, nocturnal birds or all birds), how frequently they should be monitored (eg once a week or once a year), and what monitoring protocol to follow (eg, total count in a wetland, transect or point count in a forest). These decisions depend crucially on the goals of the monitoring project.

Proposed content (coming soon):
What is monitoring
Why to monitor
Kinds of monitoring
Tips and guidance: including defining a questions, choosing area(s), deciding on a protocol, how to analyse, where to get help