January 21, 2019

Great Backyard Bird Count & Campus Bird Count 2019

We hope you have your binoculars ready, because the Great Backyard Bird Count and the Campus Bird Count are just around the corner!

Join this global event from 15th to 18th February to create an annual snapshot of different bird species in India. And through this global event, contribute to an understanding of birds worldwide!

It’s simple: go birding for at least 15 min and count all the species that you see. It doesn’t matter if you can’t identify every single species. Login to www.ebird.org/india and submit your species list. For those new to eBird, read the brief description, and do go through our detailed beginner’s guide; create an account and start using eBird right away to get used to the platform.

CBC in Indore. Photo by Ajay Gadikar.

The sixth Great Backyard Bird Count in 2018 in India saw almost 1,500 people birding for over 8000 person-hours and submitting over 14,000 lists. This put India third globally, in terms of the number of checklists submitted, behind the United States and Canada.

GBBC 2018 birdlists came from 29 states and union territories

We hope this has excited you enough to mark your calendars for this year’s GBBC! Don’t forget to use this opportunity to introduce someone to the joys of birding.

Running alongside the GBBC is India’s Campus Bird Count. Last year, 157 educational and institutional campuses from 20 States took part, documenting 463 species. Do consider running a Campus Bird Count on your campus this year. If you intend to do so, please register (it’s free) so that we can track the activity of different participating campuses.

Further information:


Header Image: Ashy Prinia by Hemanth Byatroy/Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab, from this checklist.

The event is now over and the results can be viewed here

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