March 19, 2018

GBBC 2018: Stories from the Field

CBC 2018 at Government Ayurveda College, Kannur

We organised a Campus Bird Count at Government Ayurveda College (in Pariyaram, Kerala) with the help of college students union and as part of the national event from  Feb 16 to Feb 19, 2018. Prior to this event, nobody had birded in this college campus, which has an area of 35 acres, and there was nobody with any birding experience amongst the faculty or students. Hence I organised an orientation session  on 15th Feb, wherein Mr. Roshnath Ramesh delivered a presentation regarding the common birds of Kerala and also gave an introduction to eBird. The participants were also taken for a short bird walk to give them some field experience.The campus was registered as a hotspot.

On 16th morning session, we had Mr. Rajeevan P.C – a senior birder from the district – as a resource person to accompany the participants and imbibe in them finer points of birding. On the 16th evening session, we had another resource person – Mr.Manoj Karingamadhathil, a birder and conservation activist – to come and interact with participants.

Though I left the campus after the morning session on 17th February, the first time birders of the campus completed the four day event with 64 species and 120 checklists. The best part of the event is that the participants in the campus continue to bird and upload checklists even now and the checklist tally from the campus has grown to 139 lists.
Altogether 15 students and 3 faculty members participated in the event.

All participants:

Dr. Murali (Vice Principal), Dr. Nissam Muhammed (Staff Coordinator), Dr. K S Sethuraj (faculty), Anjana B Rajan (Student Coordinator), Saranya Sasikumar, Shahana Sherin K, Santra Levitt Rose, Varada G Bhaskaran, Sabeeba M, Hiba Fathima N K, Afna K C, Viswajith K P, Shibila P P, Abhinand S S, Anila Edward, Neha Rahman K, Sreeshma P, Vinayak C, Mr. Mukundan Kizhakkemadham (Resource Person), Mr. Manoj Karingamadhathil (Resource Person), Mr. Rajeevan P C (Resource Person), Mr. Roshnath Ramesh (Resource Person)

Special thanks to the College Students Union, Dr. Murali and Dr. Muhammad Nissam of the faculty for their support in organizing the event and ensuring participation.
– Mukundan Kizhakkemadham, birder from Kerala
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Pourush Borgaonkar
Pourush Borgaonkar
2 years ago

this activity is attracting more and more young people , they learn the importance of protecting environment and life of other animal. I am retired forest officer, naturally wild life and environment protection is my passion. My son is an Army officer. They have large campuses with lots of trees which support birds and other animals. Where ever I go , I prepare list of birds and give it to the concerned officer to be kept in record and also request them to conduct census in ensuing.

Bird Count India
2 years ago

Wonderful to hear this Sir! We need more and more people, from all professions and walks of life to be involved. Please let us know if Bird Count India can be of any assistance. Our email address is

Babasaheb Jawale
Babasaheb Jawale
2 years ago

बहोत अच्छा कार्य हो रहा है. विद्यार्थीयोंमे पर्यावरण और पंछीयोंमे रुची बढने लगी है!

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