March 19, 2018

GBBC 2018: Stories from the Field

CBC in Isha Home School, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Twice a day for four days, 24 enthusiastic birders took up the task to count the birds in the school
campus. Excited to be a part of CBC (Campus Bird Count), the 24 children contributed to counting
the species and their numbers which will eventually be submitted in the eBird India portal. CBC,
being a part of GBBC (Great Backyard Bird Count) was a long awaited event for the enthusiastic
birders of Middle School. The event requires you to make a list of birds spotted every 15 minutes.

The 24 birders were put into pairs and assigned an area within the school campus. The children also
helped in entering the checklists in the portal. Proud to be included in such a big event, from the
16-19 of February, they got to view several exciting species like the Indian Pitta, Greater racket-
tailed Drongo and White-rumped Munia. They submitted around 200 checklists which included more
than 100 species of birds!

“Campus Bird Count was superb! I got to add many birds to my life list. More than that, identifying
and looking at them fascinated me the most,” said Samriddhi.

Malhar shared “It made me patient and helped me notice birds better,” while Abir said, “Bird
Count was an amazing experience for me. I had lots of fun observing birds and noticing each one’s

CBC participants at Isha Home School. Photo courtesy Sivakumar S.

–  Praajita Manas Ranade (Class 7)


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Pourush Borgaonkar
Pourush Borgaonkar
2 years ago

this activity is attracting more and more young people , they learn the importance of protecting environment and life of other animal. I am retired forest officer, naturally wild life and environment protection is my passion. My son is an Army officer. They have large campuses with lots of trees which support birds and other animals. Where ever I go , I prepare list of birds and give it to the concerned officer to be kept in record and also request them to conduct census in ensuing.

Bird Count India
2 years ago

Wonderful to hear this Sir! We need more and more people, from all professions and walks of life to be involved. Please let us know if Bird Count India can be of any assistance. Our email address is [email protected]

Babasaheb Jawale
Babasaheb Jawale
2 years ago

बहोत अच्छा कार्य हो रहा है. विद्यार्थीयोंमे पर्यावरण और पंछीयोंमे रुची बढने लगी है!

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