GBBC 2017: Stories from the field 4

Campus Bird Count 2017- Shikshantar School (Haryana)

A team of young birders and enthusiasts from classes IX and XI was formed for the Campus Bird Count event, and was accompanied by interested teachers and photographers which were a part of a team of a total of 21 participants.
Headed by birder Mridul Anand, the team gathered at the school gate at 7 in the morning.

A briefing was given to the participants about the expected birds, followed by a walk inside the school premises to spot our winged friends. Exploring the school campus exceeded our expectations in terms of the birdlife. We were able to collate a list of 27 species during our two hour walk. One of the most memorable moments of the day was when two Spotted Owlets peeked through a metal tube in the utmost adorable manner!

It was an enjoyable experience for all of us.

– Mridul Anand

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