GBBC 2017: Stories from the field 4

CBC 2017 in KMC, Manipal

It is always exciting to get reacquainted with the amazing avifauna in and around the campus (KMC, Manipal); and for students like me, the Campus bird count is the perfect opportunity to do so.

This year, though not as surprising, was quite exciting. Orioles, flowerpeckers, sunbirds and warblers flitted about in the perfectly trimmed hedges. Blue-tailed bee eaters perched on the electrical lines made occasional sallies. In the evening, the hundreds of cormorants, egrets, Mynas and Starlings settling in the trees for the night form quite a spectacle. A flock of Black-headed ibis settled in, disturbing hundreds of starlings which took flight all at once. At night the sight of a spotted owlet hunting near the floodlight was quite a treat.

The Campus bird count has taught me to respect and appreciate my immediate surroundings better.

– Vrinda Lath

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