GBBC 2016: India Results so Far 7

The GBBC is now over and it is great to see so many checklists from across the country coming in. Many observers have been in areas with poor internet connectivity so we expect more lists to come (please upload to eBird by the end of February). However it is worth looking at what information we have so far.

  • 5,194 lists (of which 4,769 are complete and 15 minutes or longer)
  • 683 species
  • 828 participants (i.e. those people that actually have a list on eBird, whether individual or shared: many more people have accompanied others on bird walks)

GBBC 2016 Global ChecklistsImpressively this is the 3rd highest number of checklists out of the 135 countries worldwide that have participated in GBBC, as well as the highest number of species from a single country.

Common Species

Across the whole of the country the most frequently recorded species, in terms of percentage of complete lists, were:

  1. House Crow 50%
  2. Common Myna 47%
  3. Rose-ringed Parakeet 40%
  4. Rock Pigeon 40%
  5. Black Kite 39%

These figures are based on the overall coverage as shown in the map below, and will vary from region to region.


GBBC 2016 Interim Coverage Map

The map shows the location of each checklist – darker shades show multiple lists from the same or nearby locations.

Checklists have come from 75% of states and union territories (27 out of 36) and 30% of districts nationally (194 out of 640)



This year is already showing greater participation in the Campus Bird Count compared with last year – we’ll have some statistics on this in a subsequent update.

CBC Participants in Jammu

Campus Bird Count Participants in Jammu © Parvaiz Shagoo

Many thanks to all those who have participated. This really is a great showing! We still have some way to go to meet last year’s totals of checklists and species – look out for a final report from us in early March.

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7 thoughts on “GBBC 2016: India Results so Far

  • Vidhya Sundar

    I arranged for campus bird count in 2 campuses , IIM Bangalore and Dayananda Sagar Institutions. However as I am not directly studying or working there it was done through someone from the campus. Actually when I entered the list for Dayananda Sagar campus I listed it as a hotspot however it was not linked in the registration form. IIMB is not registered as hotspot too. How to go about doing it. Please advise. Can I do it or the co ordinator has to do it

    • Bird Count India

      Thanks for writing. Yes, Dayananda Sagar Institutions was already a hotspot, and we have added the link next to the name of the college on the Campus Bird Count page:
      Can you confirm that the hotspot page (click on “CBC data”) contains all the relevant birdlists for this campus?

      IIM-B is not a hotspot yet. It should ideally be suggested as a hotspot by the person who uploaded the Campus Bird Count birdlists this past weekend. Then, all those birdlists will automatically be listed in the new hotspot page.

    • Bird Count India

      Thanks for asking. We are extending the deadline for two days and will close the contest tomorrow. Results should come about a week after that.