GBBC-India 2014

Some tips to make your GBBC weekend crackle!

  • Please consider using this as an opportunity to introduce people to birding! They will get to have fun, and to see their first birdlist online! Add your event in the comments on the Events page.
  • The minimum time for a birdlist is 15 min. If you have 2 hours available, it’s good to break this down into four 15-min lists. You can contribute as many lists as you want over the four days of the GBBC.
  • It’s best if each list is tied to a single location, so that birds from far apart aren’t combined into a single list. Travelling counts are ideally done within a distance of 5km from start to end. If you are travelling further, it’s good to start a new list.
  • The information you contribute is most useful if your lists are complete; that is if you specify all species that you were able to identify. Don’t be tempted to leave out common species like Feral Pigeon, House Crow or Common Myna! When at a wetland, don’t list only waterbirds. This link explains why.
  • Your lists are even more valuable if you count individuals of each species, and not report them only as being present. Here is why.
  • For those new to eBird, here is a beginner’s guide; and here is a list of some common confusions in species names.
  • If you have questions, please ask in the comments below, send an email on this google group, or ask on Facebook or Twitter (@birdcountindia).

Happy Great (Global) Backyard Bird Count!


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