GBBC 2015: Event ideas

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Event/project ideas for you!

The basic activity in the GBBC is to go outdoors (anywhere you wish, including your balcony, college campus or local park), spend at least 15 minutes watching birds, and upload your birdlist(s) to eBird. But beyond that, the GBBC is a great opportunity to conduct events in your locality, city or State. Here are some ideas:

1. Conduct a public birding event
Get some birding friends together, a few binoculars and a field guide, and announce a birdwatching event that is open to the public. A wetland of some sort is a particularly good place to conduct such an event, because waterbirds are often easily observable. With smaller, more enthusiastic groups, a birdwalk through scrub or woodland is also feasible. If you need help with ideas or materials, please let us know.

2. Talk about birds at a school or college
Contact a local educational institution to see whether you can talk to their students about birds. We can help you put together a powerpoint presentation if needed. After an short indoor session (which could perhaps include a brief documentary), you could take the students on a bird walk in the campus. If you find some students are particularly interested, ask them to create eBird accounts and ‘share’ the session’s birdlist with them.

3. Run your own bird count event or project
If you are part of a birding or nature group, you could consider organizing a local bird count event. There are different possibilities within this. For example, Kerala conducted it’s Common Bird Monitoring Programme during the 2014 GBBC, inviting birders and interested members of the public to observe birds and upload their birdlists. In contrast to this State-wide flexible approach, the Bangalore Bird Count was a much more structured event, with groups of birders allocated to cover particular locations.

4. Take part in the Campus Bird Count
If you study, work or live on a campus of any form, do consider taking part in the Campus Bird Count. More details at this link.

If your group is interested in conducting either kind of event — a more general, broad event; or a more focussed and structure project, do get in touch with us and we can help in a variety of ways.