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Participation in GBBC-India 2015 followed roughly along the lines of last year’s pattern, but there were some differences. The number of lists submitted (over 7,000) was over double that of last year, thanks in part to the growing participation in the Kerala Common Bird Monitoring Programme and the newly added Campus Bird Count. On the other hand the number of participants as well as the number of species recorded decreased slightly because the countrywide Big Bird Day event was shifted this year to a date in March and so did not overlap with the GBBC.

At a global level, India did quite well, submitting the third-highest number of lists of any country and the second-highest number of species. More details are available in this Google presentation (click View–Present to see the presentation in fullscreen). A description of the various local group events is available separately; as is a full list of participants in the GBBC from India. You can also browse through some of the data from India using the GBBC location explorer. Some results from GBBC central can be found here.

Many thanks to all who contributed — do leave your comments and feedback below!

The GBBC is over, but birding continues! Do take part in the monthly eBirding Challenges for India. GBBC 2016 is on 12-15 Feb.
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Sujit Kumar Mandal
Sujit Kumar Mandal
6 years ago

Great effort!