GBBC 2014 Results

GBBC-India 2014

GBBC 2014 was a record event for India! Over 1,100 birders participated, contributing more than 3,000 lists, which contain observations of 823 species — this is the largest number of species contributed to the GBBC by any country in the world.

A brief report is available as a Google Presentation (click View–Present to see the presentation in fullscreen). A description of the various local group events is available separately; as is a full list of participants in the GBBC from India. You can also browse through some of the data from India using the GBBC location explorer.

Some results from GBBC central (Cornell University) can be found here.

Many thanks to all who contributed — do leave your comments and feedback below!

The GBBC is over, but birding continues! Do consider taking part in the eBirding Challenge for India, which starts on 1 April 2014, and will continue all through the year.
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7 years ago

Hello Sir,

Can you please check the date given in the first page of the Google presentation?

The date given as 14-17 July 2014 instead of 14-17 Feb 2014


7 years ago

Thank you for alerting us to this mistake! Now corrected.