Campus Bird Count 2018 Results

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The Campus Bird Count is a sub-event of the larger Great Backyard Bird Count (16-19 April 2018). It is a coordinated effort to document the birdlife in multiple campuses across India. By “campus”, we include campuses of educational and training institutions, government institutions, research stations, corporate campuses, and so on.

Aside from documenting birds in campuses across India, the Campus Bird Count is a great way to introduce people to birds and birding, especially as it makes one familiar with avifauna in their own surroundings!


This year, slightly fewer campuses took part than in 2017 – but they collectively uploaded more checklists and recorded more species than in any earlier year.

Here are some numbers:

Campus Bird Count 2018 2017 2016
No. of Campuses 157 187 138
Total Checklists 4997 3534 2591
Total species 463 455 436
Total hours of birding 1217 1126 975

All in all, campuses were spread out across 20 States/UTs and 64 districts. Over 400 people participated (i.e., uploaded lists on eBird) while the event reached out to a large number of others through workshops, campaigns, etc.

In the map below, each circle represents a participating campus. In some locations, many campuses took part, and are hence represented by a number of overlapping circles.

Campus locations for CBC 2018.

The data visualization below will soon be replaced by 2018 campus bird count results.

This would not have been possible without the work and efforts of the state coordinators and CBC coordinators across the country who ensured that all participants were assisted if and when they faced any problems. We would like to thank all the participants and state coordinators for carrying out the count this year, and hope to see similar growth next year too!

What I enjoyed the most was observing students expressing awe over seeing the common birds such as the Coppersmith Barbet, Rufous Treepie and Indian Grey Hornbill! They could never imagine sharing the same space with such beautiful creatures!

Misha Bansal, CBC Coordinator, Delhi

This was my first time birding. I thought I knew my surroundings pretty well and I did know a few species of birds, at least those whom I saw regularly. During this event we spotted so many species that it made me feel like I had been blind all my life!

Thasmai HS, CBC participant at Mangalore University

You can also read more stories from the GBBC and CBC 2018.

Here are the top 10 campuses from across India (sorted by lists):

Campus State No. Lists No. Species
1 Kerala Agricultural University Kerala 1232 127
2 Mangalore University Karnataka 765 110
3 Isha Home School (IHS) Tamil Nadu 276 97
4 Wildlife Institute of India Uttarakhand 261 151
5 Christ University Campus Karnataka 258 51
6 IISER Tirupata, Mangalam Campus Andhra Pradesh 241 123
7 Government Ayurveda College, Pariyaram Kerala 117 64
8 Cinchona Govt High School, Valparai Tamil Nadu 109 75
9 College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Pookode Kerala 107 102
10 Gauhati University Campus Assam 85 99

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