BBD 2016 results

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The 2016 Big Bird Day was held on 7 February. A total of 72 teams took part this year, totalling over 435 participants across the country. Over 136 locations were covered, and in the process, 571 species were documented.

Below we have put together some summaries and results from BBD 2016. Thanks to all of you who participated and made this event a great success. See you at next year’s Big Bird Day!

The map below shows the locations of sites surveyed by BBD teams. As in the previous two years, teams were encouraged to maintain separate lists for each location they covered.

State-wise information is shown below. You can click on the name of the State or region to download csv (comma-separated value) files containing all species from that region, broken down by team ID and list. At the very bottom of the table are rows for Delhi-NCR (covering Delhi state plus surrounds), and also an All India row. You should be able to open the csv files in excel simply by double-clicking on them.

State No.teams No.lists No.species
Arunachal Pradesh 2 2 110
Assam 4 5 93
Chandigarh 1 1 119
Delhi 10 18 170
Goa 1 4 84
Haryana 6 11 203
Karnataka 6 15 150
Kerala 3 5 80
Maharashtra 2 4 71
Madhya Pradesh 4 21 227
Nagaland 1 1 24
Rajasthan 1 1 81
Sikkim 3 6 135
Tamil Nadu 3 13 150
Tripura 1 1 54
Telangana 6 12 235
Uttarakhand 3 7 188
Uttar Pradesh 6 10 180
West Bengal 11 17 237
Delhi NCR 18 35 230
All India 72 154 571

The next table shows all BBD teams, the total number of species each team observed, the States they participated from, and links to each of their individual lists. Where team names were separately specified by the teams, that name is given in the table. If no team name was given, the name of the person who uploaded the list to eBird is inserted instead. Note also that in some cases, teams birded at the same location, but split the location list into shorter time intervals — in such cases the location name may appear multiple times, but with a distinct eBird link.

Note: The links and lists contain all records reported by BBD teams; some records may be pending confirmation by eBird reviewers. No.sp State Lists
Angry Birds 80 IN-AR Sessa orchid sanctuary
WWF-India Western Arunachal Landscape Programme 42 IN-AR Larjyap
Anuj Saikia 35 IN-AS Bhurbandha, No1
Biswajit Chakdar 15 IN-AS Orang National Park, Assam, Orang National Park, Assam
Green Guard 61 IN-AS Deobali Jalah IBA
Green Guard Nature Organization Team 2 67 IN-AS Nagaon
Chandigarh 119 IN-CH 24B, 1027
Aravalli Biodiversity Park and Neela Hauz BP 55 IN-DL Sanjay Van, Aravalli Biodiversity Park
Garhimandu City Forest 43 IN-DL Garhimandu City Forest
King Vulture (JNU and southern ridge) 95 IN-DL Asola Wildlife Sanctuary, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Campus, Deer Park
KNR Team 57 IN-DL Kamala Nehru Ridge
Nazafgarh 75 IN-DL 28.624×76.991 – 7 Feb 2016 10:47, IN-Delhi-New Delhi-64/65 Najafgarh-Nangloi Rd – 28.631×77, Najafgarh Jheel Area, Najafgarh Jheel Area, Najafgarh Jheel Area
Team Asola 98 IN-DL Asola Wildlife Sanctuary
TVBP team 57 IN-DL Tilpath Valley Biodiversity Park
YBP Team 89 IN-DL Yamuna Biodiversity Park
Najafgarh-Sultanpur 102 IN-DL, IN-HR Najafgarh Jheel Area, Basai Wetland, Sultanpur Jheel Bird Sanctuary
Goa Bird Conservation Network 84 IN-GA Maina-Raia Wetlands, Maitolle Lake & surrounding,Curtorim, Verna Ambulor Lake, CACORA
Bhindawas 152 IN-HR Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary
Happy 120 IN-HR Basai Wetland
Malkoha (Guragaon-Aravalli) 41 IN-HR Aravalli Biodiversity Park, Gurgaon, Malibu Towne, Gurgaon
Team Dighal 161 IN-HR Dighal village
Team Basai 145 IN-HR, IN-DL sultanpur flats, IN-Haryana-Gurgaon-101 Railway Rd – 28.452×77.031, Najafgarh Jheel Area, RUGBY GROUND VASANT KUNJ, Basai Wetland, Basai Wetland
Aparajita Datta 58 IN-KA Home – Green Leaf Ignis Apartment, Judicial Layput, Home – Green Leaf Ignis Apartment, Judicial Layput, GKVK Campus, Bangalore, Jakkur Lake, Bangalore
Pronoy Baidya 35 IN-KA Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Campus
Rajneesh 62 IN-KA Jakkur Lake, Bangalore
Usual Gang of Suspects 95 IN-KA Harohalli Lake, Bangalore, SH 209, Kaggalipura Kere, SH 209, Bannur Heggere, Mandya Dt
Vaidehi Gunjal 93 IN-KA Kalkeri, Kelgeri lake
WildAndPassionatePhotographers 46 IN-KA IN-Karnataka-Harohalli-Kanakapura Rd – 12.678×77.468, IN-Karnataka-Bengaluru-Unnamed Rd – 12.854×77.51 Valley school
Dhruvaraj S 41 IN-KL Nilambur South Division–T K Colony, Amarambalam, IN-Kerala-Pulpatta-Manjeri – Kizhisseri Rd – 11.156×76.064
Team Sandpiper 43 IN-KL Ezhome
Vanya Bharat 19 IN-KL vembanad lake
49 IN-MH Aarey Guest House, Aarey Picnic Point Road, Mahim Nature Park, Mumbai
Dumna Nature Society 187 IN-MP Bargi, Gaur Bridge, Narrai Nala, Kakartala, Gaur Bridge, Siluwa Nala, Dumna Airport Road, Amjhar Ghati, Majhauli, Indrana, Robertson Lake and Gwarighat, Jabalpur City, Patan, Lameta Ghat Ashram, Barha Village Tank, Siluwa Nala, Dumna Nature Reserve, Bhedaghat and Khari Pond, Medical College and Narmada Ghat, Dobhi Kumhi Reserve Forest
samode safari lodge 150 IN-MP Bandhavgarh national park
TCF-Bandhavgarh 37 IN-MP Bandhavgarh
Hoolock Gibbon Eco Club 24 IN-NL Chizami
Dr Santosh Mahalik 81 IN-RJ Bharatpur–Keoladeo Ghana NP
Broadbills_of_Kitam 75 IN-SK Kitam, Kitam, Kitam, Kitam
buddy 76 IN-SK yuksam
Flying Pearls of Singtam 27 IN-SK Sikkim
A.M.AMSA 37 IN-TN Kallar Reserve Forest, Avalanche Reserve Forest, Kaateri vally Coonoor
Lekshmi R 84 IN-TN Kaliveli Lake, Erimedu
Shanmugam Kalidass 60 IN-TN Kunchappanai, Kunchappanai, Ramasamynagar, Mettupalayam-Kotagiri Road, Kunchappanai, Kunchappanai, Velampalayam Pirivu, Tiruppur , Mullur, Mullur
WILD TRIPURA 54 IN-TR Deb Bari, Chobimura, Amarpur, Tripura
Hyderabad Birding Pals – Indian Paradise Flycatcher 133 IN-TS Ananthagiri Hills, Vikarabad
Hyderabad Birding Pals – Osprey 112 IN-TS singur dam, Manjeera Wildlife Sanctuary
Hyderabad Birding Pals – Team Yellow throated Bulbul 103 IN-TS IN-AP-Dindy Dam – 16.5348×78.6775 – 07-Feb-2016, 15:55, Uma Maheswaram
PELICAN 157 IN-TS Ameenpur Lake, Botanical Gardens, ICRISAT Campus
Short-eared Owl 116 IN-TS Osman Sagar Lake, Himayat Sagar Lake
Skua 127 IN-TS Narsapur Forest, Pocharam Reservoir
BirdLife India 111 IN-UL Kosi Barrage, Ramnagar, Haathidangar, Forest Compund, Garjiya, Uttarakhand
Rajesh Panwar 126 IN-UL Camp Milieu, Baur Reservoir, Haldwani
Raman Kumar 28 IN-UL Curzon Road, Dalanwala, Dehradun
East Delhi Birders (Surajpur) 111 IN-UP Surajpur Wetlands
House Sparrow 84 IN-UP malipur
KAAJAL DASGUPTA 89 IN-UP Narayan awas,Delapeer,Bareilly, Akha Village Pond area ,Bareilly, Hazratpur wetlands,Aonla
Team Dhanauri 119 IN-UP Dankaur – Greater NOIDA, Dhanauri Wetlands — Dhankaur-Bhatta-Parsaul, Dadri
Team Okhla 79 IN-UP Okhla Bird Sanctuary
Team Turumti (Dhanauri) 117 IN-UP IN-Uttar Pradesh-YEIDA-Azampur Hussianpur Road – 28.3419×77.6093
Amit Kumar Mondal 73 IN-WB Kopai river bridge associated area, Goalpara, Lalbandh, Ajay Riverbed, Ballavpur lake 1
Arka Sarkar 42 IN-WB Fishery Ponds around Hatgachia and Dharmatala Pachuria
Biswanath Mondal 74 IN-WB Mukutmanipur, Bankura
Jalpaiguri 107 IN-WB IN-West Bengal-Lish Forest – 26.891×88.571 – Feb 7, 2016 08:20, IN-West Bengal-Jalpaiguri Gazoledoba Road – 26.602×88.589, IN-West Bengak – Gazoldoba – 26.754×88.59
Joydip Sinha 36 IN-WB Teghoria, VIP Road
No 110 IN-WB Fulbari Wetland, Siliguri
Society for Wild N Nature Concern 80 IN-WB Baidyabati DVC Canal
Subhra Pakhira 73 IN-WB Jamalpur
Suchetana Sen 32 IN-WB Serampore Water Treatment Plant
Suraj Gurung 41 IN-WB Dhoop Company, Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri, Sevoke river bank
Team Malda 65 IN-WB Naya Bundh Wetland Complex (IBA)