BBD 2015 Instructions 5

This information is for birders who are interested in participating in BBD 2015. If you have a group of 3-4 people, you can form your own team and pick a birding location of your choice for BBD. If you do not have a team, you can try to connect with other birders in your area or even go birding alone.

Once you form a team, please note the following:

  1. Please register by filling in the form hereOnly team leaders need to register.
  2. BBD is a dawn to dusk event on 08 March, 2015. You may choose to go birding the whole day or only part of the day – that is entirely up to you and your team.
  3. Please keep track of the species you see, including numbers of each species where possible. It is best to write down your species lists and counts in a notebook, together with details of location, date, etc. You can also use the eBird smartphone app, BirdLog Asia, which is free for Android and iPhone.
  4. Each location you bird should have a separate, complete list. This means that no matter how long you stay at one location, please make a full bird list for that location, including the common species you see! Common species will be seen at multiple locations — that’s fine! Please make sure you list them for each location they are seen at.
  5. The effort spent on each list is important, so please note, for each location, how much time you spent, and what distance you covered at that location.
  6. This year, all teams are expected to upload their own lists on www.ebird.orgPlease familiarize yourself with the beginner’s guide ( and do upload a trial list on eBird, even a list of 5 species seen outside your window.
  7. The event ends at dusk on Mar 8, 2015, but we are allowing an additional day for uploading lists. Your lists should be uploaded on eBird by the end of the day on Mar 09th, 2015. This is a hard deadline and your timely submission will help us compile the results in a timely manner.
  8. Your BBD list will consist of all the species you saw at the different locations you birded. Using the location-lists you have uploaded to eBird, we will make this day-list for you. You can make a day-list for yourself by following the instructions on slide 23 of the eBird beginner’s guide; but this need not be sent to us.
  9. If you see an interesting species while travelling between one location and another, please report such sightings (together with date, time and location) as “Incidental” in eBird. They will also count towards your day total.
  10. Most importantly, after uploading your BBD lists, please fill out this form to report the URLs of your eBird lists.
    (Each birdlist will have a public URL that looks like this: This is a list from the 2014 BBD.)

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5 thoughts on “BBD 2015 Instructions

    • Tarun K Roy

      I have submiitted BBD 2015 Garhimandu City Forest birdlist with mandatory other informaton and name of seven observers to eBird on 08/03/2015, while view the submitted birdlist page through e-Bird site shows Party Size: 7 and only four observer’s name out of seven. Rest four observer’s name (Subrat Birla, Amitava Majumder, Manoj Singh) does not show. What’s the technical reason not shows all observer’s name in the submitted list? Please include all seven observer’s name.

      Submitted Garhimandu City Forest Checklist registered in eBird as: Checklist S22239289


      Tarun K Roy
      Team Leader

      • Bird Count India

        Hello Sir, thanks for your message. The way names are displayed is completely under the control of you and your fellow birders. Party size shows 7 because that’s what you entered while uploading your eBird checklist. If you uploaded a checklist and did nothing else only your name would show. But in your case, you have also ‘shared’ the checklist with other members of your party. Once another member of your party accepts the shared list, his/her name will also appear, and anyone can click on the relevant link to see that list (which may be modified from your original to better reflect what the other person saw).

        So, once all members of your party accept the shared list into their account, all their names will be displayed. You could also put all their names in the trip comments if you want to ensure that their names will be seen.

        Please let us know if this addresses your concern. Your checklist link is