BBD 2014 Instructions

Big Bird Day 2014 | Registered Teams with IDs

This information is for teams who have registered for BBD 2014. Please note the following:

  1. Here is a list of registered teams, with their BBD unique IDs.
  2. BBD is a dawn to dusk event on Feb 16, 2014. You may choose to go birding the whole day or only part of the day – that is entirely up to you and your team.
  3. Please keep track of the species you see, including numbers of each species where possible. It is best to write down your species lists and counts in a notebook, together with details of location, date, etc.
  4. Each location you bird should have a separate, complete list. This means that no matter how long you stay at one location, please make a full bird list for that location, including the common species you see! It’s fine if the common species are repeated at multiple locations.
  5. The effort spent on each list is important, so please note, for each location, how much time you spent, and what distance you covered at that location.
  6. This year, all teams are expected to upload their own lists on www.ebird.orgPlease familiarize yourself with the beginner’s guide ( and do upload a trial list on eBird, even a list of 5 species seen outside your window.
  7. The event ends at dusk on Feb 16, 2014, but we are allowing an additional day for uploading lists. Your lists should be uploaded on eBird by the end of the day on Feb 17th, 2014. If for some reason you will be unable to upload your list (if in a remote area without internet access), please let us know immediately.
  8. Your BBD list will consist of all the species you saw at the different locations you birded. Using the location-lists you have uploaded to eBird, we will make this day-list for you. You can make a day-list for yourself by following the instructions on slide 23 of the eBird beginner’s guide; but this need not be sent to us.
  9. If you see an interesting species while travelling between one location and another, please report such sightings (together with date, time and location) as “Incidental” in eBird. They will also count towards your day total.
  10. Very importantly, you must enter your unique team ID in the ‘comments’ section of every single list you upload on BBD! If you do not yet have a team ID, please contact your state/city coordinator ( immediately!
  11. After uploading your BBD lists, please email the URLs of your lists (slide 21 of eBird guide) to your state/city coordinator ( and this email ID ([email protected]).
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