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Endemic Bird Day: Answer 9 and Quiz 10

In the run-up to the main event in May – the Endemic Bird Day, the Endemic Bird Quizzes were put up as a series of 10 quizzes about birds endemic to the Indian Subcontinent.

Congratulations to the 26 people who got the right answers to Quiz 9:

Abhijeet Sawant, Aditya Nayak, Akshay Surendra, Amitayu Dey, Ashwin Mohan, Bikram Grewal, Biswajit Chakdar, Dr Asad R Rahmani, Kavi Nanda, Komal Agrawal, Krishna Murthy, Manjula Ravi, Maulik Varu, Mohit Aggarwal, Neha H Waikar, Nimish Subramaniam, Pankaj Gupta, Patrick David, S.A.Hussain, Sahana M, Savithri Singh, Umesh Sharma, Vidhya Sundar, Vikrant Choursiya, Vinay Bharadwaj, Vivek Puliyeri

Group of birds: Owls/Strigiformes/Strigidae (all accepted)

Species A: Forest Owlet

Species B: Sri Lanka Bay Owl (or Ceylon Bay Owl)

Species C: Indian Eagle Owl (or Rock Eagle Owl)

Species D: Jungle Owlet

Sri Lanka Bay-Owl © Biju P. B.

Sri Lanka Bay-Owl © Biju P. B.

It’s time for the last quiz of the series and we are going to keep it short and simple.

Based on the ranges and clues given below, can you guess what common birds of our region are being spoken of?

Clue 1: Species A is sexually dimorphic

Clue 2: The female of species A closely resembles Species B.

Clue 3: Both species prefer open areas – grasslands, scrub, fields, open woodlands and even rural and semi-urban surroundings.

Species A

Species A


Species B

Species B

Fill in your answers below:

Endemic Bird Quiz 10
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Thank you so much for taking part! The answer to this quiz will be revealed on 12 May 2016 at 1700 hrs.

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